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Homework Help: Finding net gravitational attractions in a triangle

  1. Jul 31, 2017 #1
    1. The problem is attached in a picture. I've done it five times and keep getting it wrong. The correct answer is also displayed in the picture. Thank you for any help.

    2. Fg=Gm_1m_2/r^2

    3. I calculated Fg between AB and BC (they are equal). So Fg=(6.67*10^-11)(4)(4)/(.10)^2=1.067*10^-10. Then I drew a triangle (also attached). I labeled the point in between B and C the center of my axis. So when I calculated the sum of the forces in the x direction I got 0. In the y direction the sum of the forces is 2*1.067*10^-10*sin60. I did that and got 2.13*10^-10. Why isn't that the right answer? hlepmeg-d.png IMG_0315.JPG
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    Hello AfronPie,

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    Recheck your calculation of the force between two of the masses (your Fg). The value you're getting is too small, so check how you're handling the scientific notation exponents.
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    Thank you very very much. I did the whole thing right but that one mistake messed it up completely.
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