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Finding Speed of an object from various factors.

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    Hello users of Physics Forums,I come here seeking some guidance with a program i am writing in java.The point of my program is to determine the speed of the user depending on the following factors: Cadence,windspeed,bike weight and user weight. While i got a good mark in my physics class, (90), we did not learn this, and i come to this forum in search of some help. Another feature of my program would be to determine the efficency of the pedal. I have absolutly no clue if this is possible, but if it is, that would be an awsome feature. Please note that this is not a homework question, but a question that I myslelf am interested.Thanks for your help,

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    All of these factors are not enough to calculate the speed of biker pedaling at a certain rate under a constant set of conditions.The moment when the biker reaches a constant speed it is the moment when his energy input is equal to the energy loss.This losses are due primarily to air friction but also to rolling friction and the energy used to change height.You need these factors in your simulation.You also need the dimensions of your wheel ,pedal and sprockets because they determine your energy input if you use cadence as your independent variable. To make this simulation you need to use all the concepts you learned in your first mechanics course.
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