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Finding the limit of lim w-->wo ((exp(w)-exp(wo))/(w-wo))^-1

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    I know that when you take this limit it is equal to e^-wo, but I was just wondering how you got there when taking the limit?

    lim w-->wo ((exp(w)-exp(wo))/(w-wo))^-1 = 1/e^wo

    w and wo are both two points within the same plane.
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    Theres a better layout of the equation with x and y instead of w and wo

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    You can evaluate the expression inside the outer parenthese using L'Hopital's Rule.

    $$\lim_{w \to w_0} \left(\frac{e^w - e^{w_0}}{w - w_0} \right)^{-1}$$
    The above is equal to
    $$\frac{1}{\lim_{w \to w_0} \frac{e^w - e^{w_0}}{w - w_0}} $$
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    Omg thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The denominator in the last expression is simply [itex]\frac{d}{dw}e^w[/itex] evaluated at [itex]w=w_0[/itex].
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