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Homework Help: Finding the magnitude of force given acceleration?

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    A 2.4 kg toy locomotive is pulling a 1.3 kg caboose. The frictional force of the track on the caboose is 0.46 N backward along the track. If the train is accelerating forward at 3.1 m/s2, what is the magnitude of the force exerted by the locomotive on the caboose

    Tried doing 3.7(3.1)+.46=11.93
    which equals 12 after sig figs, but it is wrong and I am very confused

    Please help, thanks a lot
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    Welcome to PF.

    The force on the caboose from the locomotive won't involve the mass of the locomotive.

    If the caboose is being accelerated then f = 1.3*a + .46 should be the way to find it.
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    Alright thanks a lot
    Appreciate it
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