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Finding the period of trig series analytically?

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    Is there a way to calculate the period of a trigonometric series (like the one below) analytically?

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    The period in this case can be gotten from: 8t = 2π or t = π/4. This works since the other term has a period 16t = 2π or t = π/8 which is a harmonic.
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    Sorry, I'm still confused. For this example...


    ...I have graphed this in MATLAB, and graphically found a period of about 2.1. I am trying to apply what you suggested, but can't figure out how to calculate the period of 2.1...

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    The sum of two periodic functions will be periodic it the two periods are commensurable. That means the ratio of their periods is a rational number. And in that case, the period is the least common multiple of the individual periods. For non-integers p and q, the LCM is the least number z such that ap = z and bq = z for a and b integers.

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