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Finding the resultant of 3 Vectors modeling a force table

  1. Sep 18, 2012 #1
    Hey, sorry for the basic question, but I'm curious.

    Can one create a resultant for 2 vectors that cannot be drawn head- to - tail, and are facing opposing directions?

    The idea is that I set up a force table and took measurements on how many newtons of force are acting upon each spring involving the force table, and represented it with 3 vectors.

    Is it even possible to create a resultant for 2 of these vectors at a time, without totally disregarding their angle defining their direction?

    All help is appreciated.
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    You can always add vectors - if you know their individual x,y,z-components, for example, simply add them.

    If that does not help, I do not understand your question.
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