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Firefox Not Working: Shutdown during Update

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    So I was forced to shutdown Firefox while it was updating. Needless to say, it is not happy with me. I'm running Win7. I have tried the obvious things. Uninstalled FF including all customizations. I also deleted the folder in "Program Files." FF will start up, but nothing ever loads. I cannot go to any webpages (I gave it about 10-15 minutes just in case it was my internet). Internet Explorer is working, so I think my connection is OK.

    Hopefully someone can help me out. IE is dismal :yuck:
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    IE is indeed dismal but FireFox is no walk in the park either, as you are finding out. Sounds like you've done all the right things. Wish I had some good advice. Good luck.
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    Switch to Google Chrome or Opera.
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    I would love to use Chrome, but I was instructed by IT to remove it from my system due to a security issue. We are forced to use IE 7 or FF. Not sure about Opera though.
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    Find "system restore" (probably in the start menu under accessories / system tools) and see if you have a system restore point before you broke it.

    If so, restore to there and try the update again.

    Then find out how to stop FF (and any other software) doing automatic updates. There's no problem about automatically notifying you there are updates available, but install them when you want, not whenever your computer feels like upgrading itself!
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    Hi All!

    It turns out that the company that my company works for put out a block on FF.

    Thanks anyway!
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    LOL. Sounds like my company. We have customer requirements to support Firefox but our company blocked the Firefox website for several years. Makes it difficult to test without breaking company rules. :rolleyes:
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