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First students through a new program?

  1. Apr 22, 2007 #1
    Our university is in the process of creating a new graduate program (MS/PhD), and it is in the final stages of approval. They expect everything to be finalized in the next couple of months, and will begin accepting students in July for fall 2007. For the first few years class size will be capped at 6-7 students. New faculty is currently being hired for the program.

    I am planning to apply for the program for fall '07, and was told I am a very strong candidate. I do have concerns though about being the guinea pig. Have any of you ever been in this position, the first to go through a brand new program? Should I be concerned? Or should I probably not stress if it seems like the university has its act together? Opinions?
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    One possible bonus that I can see is that you may have a large amount of input about the program. Course offering, duties/responsibilities, etc.
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