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Fischer-Tropsch Conversion / Kinetics

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    We are currently working on a small-scale Fischer-Tropsch process.
    The modeling software we are using is HYSYS (Aspen).

    We want to produce X barils of oil / day using syngas (H2:CO ratio 2:1) using cobalt catalysts.
    The problem we are currently facing is that we do not have the kinetics or conversion for every single reaction in the reactor to simulate the process.

    We are modeling C1 to C30 only and we have entered all the reactions in the software.
    We have the products distribution (by using the Anderson-Schulz-Flory equation and alpha, the chain growth coefficient).

    We did a lot of online/library research, but couldn't come up with the kinetics/conversion data required for HYSYS. We'd also like to be able to size the reactor (fluidized-bed) preliminary. We know the GHSV related to the catalyst used thanks to a recent experiment, but we are still unable to size the reactor.

    Any help / link / documents / different approach would greatly be appreciated by my team & I.
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    There's only so far you can go with "theory/modeling" on something like this; and with just mole fraction of feed for a constraint ... ?
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