Medical Fish oil pills to help with anger management

  1. I have read in multiple sources on the internet and in books that taking fish oil pills can help a person with anger management. According to my sources, it is the omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil pills that help with anger management. What my sources don't say is how the omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil pills help a person with anger problems. How do the omega 3 fatty acids help a person with anger management? Do the ingredients in fish oil pills help a person manage their anger by reducing a person's anger, or do they not reduce a person anger at all but just help by helping the person not act out on their anger? In other words, do the fish oil pills not reduce anger at all but help by making a person less likely to throw a temper tantrum (even though they are angry)?
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  3. Evo

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    Did you read it in a peer reviewed study from an acceptable journal?. I'm afraid that reading something on "the internet" means nothing, there is more misinformation on the internet than facts.

    Please post your "sources".
  4. berkeman

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    Those don't look to qualify as peer-reviewed studies or information. What you need to do is do some searching for articles on the effect, and look to see if they provide references at the end of the articles. Then look to see where the references were published. Look for articles in medical journals, or at websites of major medical organizations.

    I did a google search on Medications for Anger Management, and got lots of hits. Sift though some of these to see if you can work your way to real medical studies (double-blind, etc.):

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    Yeah, those sources are not acceptable. bluemoonky, you should not be getting information from places that have no medical credibility. It's actually against our rules to post such things, I'm only allowing it to prove that they are not credible sources.

    From now on, do not post anything that is not from a credible, peer reviewed study published in an accepted journal. You can find this in our rules.
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  6. From the link by bluemonkey, we have another link:( Britain’s Cambridge University )’s-response-to-anger
    Key words to note are : "suggest" and "might"

    Also, from the same study,
    Tryptophan supplement, in the form, I presume, of fish oil, is what bluemonkey could be referring to.

    But tryptophan is also present in a wide variety of other foods.

    But that is hardly the whole story.
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    I did a small search, got this from NIH:

    Binks CA, Fenton M, McCarthy L, Lee T, Adams CE, Duggan C. Pharmacological interventions for people with borderline personality disorder. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2006;(1):CD005653.

    This is one limited clinical study dealing with a population of 30 women reacting with anger to normal situations where anger is not a normal response. The women given omega-3 improved.

    I found nothing else. Omega-3's are a required fatty acid, but for what you are talking about they appear to me to be a wasted expense.

    This is one article from pubmed about omega-3's in a healthy diet:

    In reality and in terms of your question- this means fish oil pills have small chance of being something worth considering. Consider instead the tryptophan link in 256bits post above.
  8. Evo, you did not say "please post your sources if they are from a credible, peer reviewed study published in an accepted journal." You just asked me to post my sources, so I did.
  9. berkeman

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    Well, she did mention peer-reviewed sources, and that is pretty clear in the PF rules (see Site Info at the top of the page). This is one of the ways we keep the discussions here on the PF grounded in real science, and don't get off track with popularist-type sources. :smile:
  10. Evo

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    Yes, I asked you to post your sources, which is why no warning was sent to you. My post was to remind you that you should be looking for sources that meet scientific scrutiny.
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