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Automotive Fixing an electric motor and controller

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    hey i'm about to modify the current maruti suzuki omni van into electric van we're constructing it for goods carrying purpose. the current one is powered by ic engine developing 35 bhp and 60 n-m torque.

    modified vehicle should satisfy following criteria.

    1. GVW= 2000kg.
    2. frontal area= 2.34 sq.m.
    3. velocity= 60km/hr (max.)
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    You'll need a plan for the batteries, motor & motor controller, as well as a way to provide 12V to all of the standard equipment on the vehicle. What motor and battery setup do you plan to use?
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    i wish to use HPM 20 kw BLDC motor with HPC 700 controller.
    as i'm newbee at this also give me your suggestions over my motor and controller.
    i'm gonna use dc to dc converter for all the other equipment which will be needed to run the other electrical appliances.
    i'll decide battery type and capacity after fixing motor and controller.
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