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The GameCube controller is the standard game controller for the GameCube home video game console, manufactured by Nintendo and launched in 2001. As the successor to the Nintendo 64 controller, it is the progression of Nintendo's controller design in numerous ways. The contentious M-shaped design of its predecessor was replaced with a more conventional handlebar style controller shape; a second analog stick was added, replacing the C buttons with a C stick and the X and Y face buttons, last seen on the Super Nintendo controller, were reintroduced; the shoulder buttons were changed to hybrid analog triggers. A wireless variant of the GameCube controller known as the WaveBird was released in 2002.
Though many elements of the GameCube controller's unique design were not embraced by many future twin-stick gamepads (such as the pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons and a face button layout that emphasizes one button over three others), some controllers adopted its staggered analog stick layout. The GameCube controller continued to endure even beyond its system's launch cycle, gaining varying levels of support from its subsequent successors. Years after the GameCube's discontinuation, Nintendo officially re-released the controller, with the international launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the international launch of its successor, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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  1. core7916

    Info about a specific IC (Russian interrupt controller)

    Hello. I, need a help to find the proper datasheet of a Russian interrupt controller. I found the the datasheet of this IC where there is no working application and only pin information is there. So, can anyone suggest any document related to this IC. Part number : 588VN1 Thank you.
  2. A

    Oven controller block diagram, transfer function and temperature calcs

    FIGURE 5 shows an electrically heated oven and its associated control circuitry. The current, I, to the oven's heating element is fed from a voltage-controlled power amplifier such that I = EK1. A voltage, VD, derived from a potentiometer, sets the desired oven temperature, TD. The oven...
  3. Wrichik Basu

    Any advice to make this Op-Amp temperature controller circuit work?

    As part of our UG curricula in Physics major, we have a practical in which we have to draw the calibration curve of an NTC ##10~\mathrm{\Omega}## thermistor, and then construct a circuit to maintain the temperature of a water bath. The calibration curve of our thermistor. The Prof. said that...
  4. phyzguy

    Solve the Mystery: Fan Controller Info Needed

    Does anybody have any info on this fan controller? I don't even know what to Google, because I don't know what that second character is. Any help?
  5. O

    How do PI controllers achieve steady state?

    Summary: A question about how PI controllers reach steady state Hello PhysicsForums, I need a little help understanding how a PI controller works when operating in steady state. Here is the equation in State Space form: Where In standard form, the equation is: Where The question I’m...
  6. K

    Can a DC motor work without either a commutator or a controller?

    I am a mechanical engineer and my experience with electrical systems is almost nil. The concept of a simple DC motor explained here was quite interesting, especially the need of a commutator part: And then I checked this DIY simple DC motor here and was confused because there was no...
  7. H

    Controller for Switched Reluctance Motor

    Hi. I have to design a controller circuit for switched reluctance motor. The topology to be used is asymmetric half-bridge. The motor current is 50A at 50V. I need help in the selection of controller. I have both options either to use embedded or totally analog controller.
  8. A

    Hilbert Transform, Causality, PI Controller

    I was told that PI controller is a causal filter, and has frequency response represented by H(w) = Ki/(iw)+ Kp. I was also told that causal filter should satisfy this relationship H(w) = G(w) -i G_hat(w) where G_hat(w) is the Hilbert transform of G(w). Does this mean that we cannot freely...
  9. N

    How to Implement 25us Delays in PIC16F84A PWM Code?

    Hello how are you :D I have some problems with my code, which is to control the speed of a DC motor by pwm with the pic16f84A. I already have the combinations and the diagram of the signals, but I still need to implement the part in bold. How would the delays be implemented so that they have...
  10. A

    Setup of Sestos PID controller

    Hello, I use Sestos PID temperature controller D1S-VR-220, http://www.sestos-hk.com/english/download/d1s-en.pdf I need to maintain 37.3 degrees Celsius. Uses a 130W heating element. The problem is with the initial operation of the controller. In initial operation the temperature rises to...
  11. F

    Audio/Video Fluid Dynamics—Building a better MIDI Breath Controller

    Background A MIDI breath controller converts breathing to MIDI values, which are then used to control a MIDI instrument and produce sound. The ones I'm familiar with work through the use of a pressure chip. For example, the TEC Breath and Bite Controller 2 uses the MPCV5010GP...
  12. P

    Engineering Proportional only controller in LED Driver using Op-Amp

    I have a proportional-only controller LED driver circuit - I need to fine-tune its ##K_P## to 10 for a significant input of -0.2 to 0.2 V in the steady state. In that case, should I use a potentiometer with 10:1 setting? The LED (actuator) can drive voltages between 0 to 4V, so I need to add...
  13. S

    Inverted pendulum on a cart using a PID controller

    hi everyone. in my project , I'm facing with a problem. in PID controller , desire poles are -1+j3 & -1-j3 after design , the overshoot is very high and the settling time more than PD controller i change the K and zi (pi) several times . but not better. the pd controller : (s+23) pid controller...
  14. Jason-Li

    Engineering Proportional plus derivative controller

    Hello, There is a thread related to this question however it was marked correct but doesn't look correct to me? https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/step-change-in-a-proportional-plus-integral-controller.961180/ I think I have it but it is quite different to other answers I have seen? I...
  15. Ntip

    Feedback controller design for boost converter

    I recently started looking into a boost converter design that would be no load most of the time which causes it to operate in DCM. After calculating the duty cycle D, it is dependent on Vi, Vo, L, f, and R. The load R and output voltage Vo are fixed, but I would like to vary the other parameters...
  16. Elias_HH

    How to draw the transfer behavior of a fuzzy controller

    Hey Guys, i try to solve the question mentioned above. But I'm hones...i have no idea to solv this. I need a kind advice. I tryed to find help in the internet but it's impossible. You can see the hole exercise in the figure.
  17. B

    I want a temperature controller for a 12V, 40W ceramic cartridge heater

    Dear friends, I am in a search of a temperature controller for 12V, 40W ceramic cartridge heater! I can not change the heater because of my application. I want to purchase a simple PID temperature controller available in the market. But I am not sure whether they can provide me the 12V output...
  18. kolleamm

    I need a controller for this 25kW DC Brushless Motor

    Here is a motor I bought : https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/55kg-thrust-MP120100-brushless-motor-kits_60816322811.html?spm=a2700.12243863.0.0.2ce83e5f3D0fu9 Can anyone recommend a controller I can use for it? There's many online but I'm unsure which to choose. The motor has 3 cables and...
  19. engnrshyckh

    Finding the fault in this circuit (UV lamp controller)

    Guys this circuit and shematic is of UV lamp controller.. It burns sometime as shown in figure can someone tell the reason?
  20. C

    HVAC Edwards EXT200HT pump and controller compatability

    I have an Edwards 200H T pump that came without a controller. I managed to get an EXDC160 for a good price, but I'm now concerned whether it is suitable for my pump. The pump is marked as NRA093000 which, as far as I can tell, is a 24V pump. The EXDC is D39641500 which is an 80V controller. What...
  21. Y

    How Do You Convert Drone Position Errors into Roll and Pitch Angles?

    Hi guys We have a problem we we are building a flight controller for a drone, but fail to understand how to construct the position controller. It takes the x, y positions and the angle in between them which we call yaw. How to compute the angles roll and pitch for the desired x and y positions...
  22. icesalmon

    Stability of an open loop controller

    Given the following Controller equation Gol(s) and Plant equation Dol(s) for an open loop system the transfer function can be expressed as a ratio of polynomials where: Gol(s) = b(s)/a(s)and Dol = c(s)/d(s). For the open loop system the transfer function Tol = Gol(s)Dol(s) = b(s)c(s)/a(s)d(s)...
  23. PainterGuy

    Cache Controller: Exploring Its Mechanics and Functionality

    Hi, I have always thought that BIOS program, which is firmware, of any computing device serves as an initiating set of instructions which launches the main program such as Windows. Please have a look on this attachment. The following text is from the attachment. "The concept of cache memory...
  24. D

    How proportional action is produced in a pneumatic controller

    Homework Statement (a) With the aid of a sketch explain how proportional action is produced in a pneumatic controller whose output is 0.2 to 1.0 bar. Assume that the controller is direct acting. (b) Show, mathematically, that the output is dependent on the difference between the measured and...
  25. D

    Step Change in a proportional plus integral controller

    Homework Statement Figure 5 shows the input and output wave forms for a proportional plus integral controller. State: (i) the controllers proportional gain (ii) the controllers integral action time The attachment below is a copy and paste of the input and output wave forms I am given...
  26. K

    Calculating controller gain in a feedback loop

    Homework Statement FIGURE 3 shows the block biagram of the control of an electric heating system. The heater is driven from a voltage-controlled power supple, the voltage V1 being derived from a potentiometer. The output temperature, θo is subject to distrubances, θd, because of changes in...
  27. akaf24

    Selecting a Motor for 600 RPM and 3 HP: Do I Need a Controller?

    Hello, for a project I need to select a motor which can rotate at 600 RPM with 3 HP of power. Do AC motors typically require a controller and drive? For example, I am interested in purchasing this. Do I need to buy an expensive controller just to operate it? How complex is the set up and...
  28. A

    Can a Transfer Function be Used with a Fuzzy Controller for a Prosthetic Hand?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm working on designing a fuzzy controller, okay so i have a transfer function of a prosthetic hand (23s^2+ 12s+.. / 10s^3 + s^2 + ...) per say, so i have 3 outputs and 2 inputs. How can I use only the transfer function and use it with a fuzzy controller?
  29. A

    JavaScript Problem using dat.GUI controller library

    Hi, I am having problems attempting to create two folders in the dat.GUI interface for a Javascript program I'm writing. When I run the code below, the two labels for the folders do not show up. Rather I just get a single line "close control" menu heading and when I click it, I get another...
  30. Z

    Setting Up a 12V DC Test Stand w/ Controller & Cycle Count

    Setting up a test stand that will need a controller to cycles a device ON and OFF at an adjustable time interval (allows me to make the ON duration and OFF duration whatever I want). It will also need to keep a count, so I can track the cycles count and also set a limit on cycles so it will stop...
  31. thegreengineer

    Control of an inverted pendulum (or any other dynamic system in general), how to implement it?

    Good afternoon people. I wanted to implement a physical system using control just to put into practice what I have learned in school. To be more specific: I would like to implement an inverted pendulum like the one on the photo In this system a control input (a force u) drives the cart (mass...
  32. S

    Fixing a Bluetooth Controller on a Motorcycle: Please Educate Me

    A friend from work bought this product for his motorcycle. It's a couple of speakers with a Bluetooth controller. The controller will adjust volume and allow the user to toggle through tracks playing on their phone. The cord was too short. So he asked if I could make it longer. Sure thing...
  33. T

    How Do Bode Plots Help in Designing Controllers for Liquid Level Management?

    Homework Statement This is the second part my problem. In the first part the Open Loop and Closed loop TF where worked out from design parameters. In later questions a lead or lag commentator is needs to be designed. Design an appropriate controller to ensure the steady state error in the...
  34. N

    What Are Effective Methods to Control a Nichrome Coil Heater?

    So I have a coiled (Nichrome) heating element that's rated at 120VAC 60Hz. (Resistance of 14.4Ohms) I am trying to use this heating element to warm up air blowing across it. I will have thermistor on the outlet end to monitor the temperature of the output air. This heater is coiled inside of a...
  35. A

    Reverse-acting proportional pressure controller

    Homework Statement [/B] A 5 to 20 bar reverse acting proportional pressure controller has an output of 4 to 20 mA. The set point is 11 bar. Determine: (a) the measured value pressure which gives an output of 15 mA when the proportional band setting of the controller is 40% (b) the proportional...
  36. A

    Setup of Sestos PID controller

    Hi, I intend to use Sestos PID temperature controller D1S-VR-220. Sensor is connected to 220V power supply. The controller receives output from immersion temperature probe: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DRG-010632B-Labfacility-Pt100-Temperature-Sensor-6X100mm-/132203898276 However, when I...
  37. P

    MATLAB Simulink: designing a 2nd order sliding controller

    Hi, I've had obtained a mathematical model for the slip controller issue. As you see I have the diffequation for the slip. and the input that force the system to zero error is provided as well. Now it's time to implement it in simulink or matlab. I took a look at the example provided on...
  38. J

    Help Interpreting PID Controller Settings

    I am somewhat familiar with a PID controller and how it operates. But I am having a hard time interpretting my PID controller setting and getting them to do what I want. I figured I would open up here for some help. I have a copper cylinder that is being heated up with a band heater. in the...
  39. M

    Determining the range of a controller for a stable system

    Homework Statement The controller K(s) = Kp, determine the range of Kp over which the closed loop system is stable. Homework Equations I found the transfer function of system = Y(s)/V(s)=Kp/(1.5s^2 + 2.5s - 1 + Kp) The Attempt at a Solution So i know (1.5s^2 + 2.5s - 1 + Kp) is the...
  40. Manoj Sahu

    Will this solar charge controller circuit work?

    The circuit is intended to control the charging of a 12v 7ah battery by a 10w, 24v volt solar panel.
  41. Z

    Need help with my project -- microcontroller for DC motor controller

    Hello, I'm a student currently doing my final year degree course in University College Sedaya International. I have given a project called as Microcontroller for DC motor control. The requirement of the project are :- 1). Type of Microcontroller = Microchip PIC16F876 2). DC motor 3). The...
  42. I

    How can I reduce a controller with block reduction and find a transfer function?

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi! I've been working on reducing a controller with block reduction in order to understand it and I have trouble to continue since I've stumbled across something that I haven't seen before. My goal is...
  43. PhysicoRaj

    Design a controller using Matlab

    Homework Statement For the plant: ##G(s)=\frac{1}{s(s+2)(0.4s+1)}## Design a controller in Matlab such that ##K_v=4## , phase margin = ##60^o## and zero steady state error for step input. Homework Equations ##e_{ss} = Lim_{s->0} \frac{s R(s)}{1+D(s)G(s)}## Lead/Lag...
  44. C

    Capturing an RF signal from a remote controller

    Hello! This is a question that's been on my mind about RC drones for a while now but it's not really something you can just google. Is it possible to capture a transmitted signal from a remote control (with a sensitive receiver other than the one mounted on the drone) and store it in memory...
  45. kolleamm

    Where can I find a controller for a 3 Phase AC motor?

    I'm working on a project with a team in building a motor. My task is to find a controller for the motor, but I haven't had much luck. Here are the specs for it : Permanent magnet synchronous motor, 3 phase 8 pole 2 layer winding 100 kw power 400V The motor is AC. If somebody can even point me...
  46. TheQuietOne

    What to do with (relatively) old controller

    Hello! I am taking apart a relatively old AfterGlow PlayStation controller and all I have left is the main board, the anolog sticks, two pressure plates, and two of the back buttons (which are all still connected to the main board). What should I do with it?
  47. aniket suryawanshi

    Automotive Fixing an electric motor and controller

    hey I'm about to modify the current maruti suzuki omni van into electric van we're constructing it for goods carrying purpose. the current one is powered by ic engine developing 35 bhp and 60 n-m torque. modified vehicle should satisfy following criteria. 1. GVW= 2000kg. 2. frontal area= 2.34...
  48. D

    2nd Order Control system PD controller

    Hi, This question on PD control is from a practice quiz. 1. Homework Statement If you can't see it- the question asks to find values for Kp and Kd such that the system achieves 5% OS and has a settling time Ts of 3s. Cs = 3 Cd = 2 m = 5Homework Equations ω_n^2/(s^2 + 2ζw_n + ω_n^2) - 2nd...
  49. kolleamm

    Wiring a capacitance sensor to a controller

    I'm trying to make a simple capacitance sensor to use with my controller. Do I need two resistors? And where do I place them? I drew a circuit diagram of what I'm thinking so far.
  50. O

    Input pressure required to produce controller output values

    Homework Statement A direct acting proportional pressure controller has a gain of 3, a range of 0-40 bar and is set to control at 25 bar. When the measured value and the desired value are equal, the output signal is 60%. Determine the input pressure required to produce controller output values...