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Courses Florida Tech - Business courses?

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    Hi, I recently switched from a Computer Science undergrad major at Florida Tech to Computer Information Systems. Basically because I like working with hardware, the internet, servers and networks a lot more than programming.

    CIS offers half Comp Sci courses (programming in C++ and Java but mainly SQL, Linux and database/systems structures with network programming) and half Business Administration courses.

    According to many sources, I know that FIT is good with Computer Science, but are the Business courses any good? Can anyone who attends FIT give me an opinion? I will be starting my undergrad program in Fall 2006.

    I will be sticking with FIT because there is a hefty scholarship involved, but i'd like to know what i'm in for.
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    Are you interested in business? You said you switched out of CS because you wanted to do more hardware, the internet, servers, and networks, but you never mentioned any interest in business or management.

    I don’t know much about computers, but it seems to me that CIS is CS-light (because of time restraints; as you said, it’s half business courses). If you’re into hardware, why not try Computer Engineering?

    From what I gather, Florida Tech has an excellent CS program with some of the top CS professors in the world. Not to discourage you from taking Business or Management if you’re really into it, but every school has its not-very-respected majors, and those are considered to be very easy and mostly full of athletes who are in college primarily to play sports (it’s a stereotype, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not far from the truth).

    If you’re really into the management area, you could major is CIS, or you could dual-major or minor in that area. The combination of computers, technology, and management seems to work well. What may be the most widely known and respected Florida Tech program is the graduate-level engineering management degrees.

    You could always start out your freshman year with one major and switch into another major at a later point; that’s not hard to do. I would recommend talking to the respective Florida Tech departments rather than posting for advise on a board like this. Good luck to you!
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    I am interested in doing server administration, all the signs point to a CIS degree combined with official certifications. That's where the management/technology/computers comes from. Also, i'm awesome at math, but not that great at physics. CIS doesn't require physics but it does require a good amount of math. Unlike CS which requires 2 physics + 2 labs.

    I can't exactly walk into the FIT departments and ask 'are your courses any good?'

    You say graduate level business management is very good at FIT, well I was planning to do an MBA after CIS.

    So i'm not sure if anyone knows (any FIT students here?), are the Business/Management courses at FIT good (or at least decent)? I can get by with decent because most of your management knowledge comes from work experience, but I don't want terrible education.
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