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Fluid flow problem- pressure vs momentum

  1. Feb 11, 2010 #1
    I am having a tank at the bottom of which a pump suction line is connected..

    there is another parralel line to that bottom line which is open to atmosphere.

    Please note that this second pipe is connected to the bottom pipe; not to the tank...

    there is only flow inlet to the tank.

    what will happen when the pump will start??

    will all the fluid in that parallel line which was initially present will be sucked??

    or the tank will compensate that fluid by passing some fluid to maintain the same level as in the tank???

    Please suggest...

    If interested mail me on [email deleted by moderator]

    I will let u know the detail drawing for explaination.....
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    How about providing us with a sketch of your setup.

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    Please find the attachment in the form of a drawing for ready reference..

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    Please find the attachment of a drawing for ready reference...named tank problem...

    thanks for the reply...

    please do the needful..
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    The pump will suck from both tanks until the one not being filled is empty. At the point were the pipes are joined the flowrate will be the same as the pump flowrate. Going further into the the other two lines requires you to consider a parallel flow.

    What are you trying to determine exactly.

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    my concern is to keep the level of 2nd tank same as that of that of 1st.....

    it could have been possible easily if had connected the pipe from 2nd tank to 1st tank directly...rather line its discharge line...

    now because i am connecting it to the bottom pipe of 1st; will it make a difference and as per your cocncern; will the 2nd tank become empty????

    please find the drawing again...for reference...
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    Yes it will empty eventually.

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    well you can keep level the same by taking a pipe between both of them this will keep yput tanks at same level of water , and you can use another pump for filling process only on one tank
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