For fun! Where in the world would you live?

  1. If given an opportunity to live in any country of the world, where would you chose? And why?

    I am interested in hearing opinions about your favorite (dream?) living area, like government, education, cost of living, work opportunities, local people, climate, etc etc.

    If you are quite the world traveler and have more than one favorite area, go ahead and tell about more than one. I am just very curious to see who thinks what area of the world is the most livable.

    I have found topics similar to this, but they have usually been favorite vacation locations (based mostly on climate), so I hope I haven't duplicated a thread topic!
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    I could probably do OK with New Zealand. It has lots of streams with trout in them, glaciers for skiing, nice beaches, etc, and not too many people. Plus, the last time I checked, they hadn't invaded any sovereign nations recently. 2nd choice might be in the US - Maui to be exact. I have an old school friend that lives there and built her own house. I haven't seen her in years, but last time she was back to Maine, she was telling me how wonderful the weather was. Where she is, the sea breezes keep the temperatures moderated even at the height of summer. I could live with moderate temperature swings for a few decades. I love Maine, but sometimes you've got to put up with some inconveniences to live here. This was taken in March.
  4. Recently I would have said Aruba. I love it there. But Math Is Hard just made me aware of a place called Bora Bora. I like the idea of living in a place where you can't sell your house unless the basement is flooded.
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    Some where where one can go out all day looking for and finding fossils, or a place where one can find ancient metal artifacts with a detector, or even a place where there are interestig mineral deposits.
    A temperate climate would be a bonus.
  6. Evo

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    Sounds good to me!
  7. wolram

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    Can we be companions for a year, i would protect you from harm :smile:
  8. but who would protect her from you?
  9. Well. it's tough to find another place where you would live, when you realize that you have been living there for years.

    Moderate climate with warm but not hot summers and good snow in winter, fossils, archeologic artefacs, abundant historical remains, sceneries, mountains, skying, green plant explosion, driving with unlimited speed.

    That's south Germany.
  10. Evo

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    I only fear that if Wolram and I got too close the universe, as we know it, might end.
  11. Relax and.....

  12. I've thought Ireland might be nice. And if I could get a job with Guinness that would be great. I could have a beer with Art and maybe find a lovely redheaded lass with freckles.

    Edit: Second choice would be Oregon. I love the weather there.

    But that's not the reason I want to go to Japan. I have no reason for going there. It's simply because I said one day out of blue that I should go to Japan. :rofl: But now, there are some factors favoring my migration to Asia (only Japan/HK/developed China).
  14. Ugh! Germany is too cold. Too much snow and cold wind.

    I would take the mountains in the humid tropics surrounded by lush cloud forest. Say at about 2000 meters. There the temperature is perfect all year long and the birding is fantastic.
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