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Force (Newton's laws of motion)

  1. Jul 9, 2009 #1
    When two people push in the same direction on an object of mass {\rm m} they cause an acceleration of magnitude a_1. When the same people push in opposite directions, the acceleration of the object has a magnitude a_2. Determine the magnitude of the force exerted by each of the two people in terms of {\rm m}, a_1,and a_2. Express in terms of F1 & F2?
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    Let the mass simply be m, since I have no clue what is {\rm m} is.

    Let F_t be the total force pushed by those two people.
    Then, F_t = F_1 + F_2 = m * a_1.
    Let F_d be the difference of force between two people.
    F_d = F_1 - F_2 = m * a_2.

    Then, 2F_1 = m(a_1 + a_2)
    F_1 = 1/2 * m(a_1 + a_2) (first person's force)
    2F_2 = m(a_1 - a_2)
    F_2 = 1/2 * m(a_1 - a_2) (second person's force)
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    thanks heaps
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