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Force on conductor after charge induction

  1. Oct 2, 2015 #1
    i have a doubt on this one. we know +ve charge (proton) and neutrons make the most of mass for any matter. Now consider a conductor and through induction, centre of -ve charged is moved toward the object (insulator(static charge on it) with +ve charge say). Now these two attract and conducting object get attracted to +ve charged insulator. question is that this conducting object should move according to the force on +ve charge not according to -ve charge. so this conductor should get repelled? give justification where i am getting wrong?
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    I have read the whole lot several times trying to sort out what you are saying ... still not sure

    If you have a + charged and a - charged objects, they will attract .... why would they have reason to repel ?
    opposites attract

    if that doesn't explain it, try rewording your question

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