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A Force Question – Einstein Gravitational Constant

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    The Einstein gravitational constant (Κ) is usually written as; Κ = 8πG/c4

    Can this constant be represented as wave-particle ratios of force?

    One ratio is a thermal ratio, it includes Plank temperature and Hawking temperature.

    The other ratio is a particle ratio including Plank mass.

    Can the Einstein constant be represented as an invariant ratio of these two ratios?

    Is there any reference in the literature to these ratios?

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    What does "wave-particle ratios of force" mean?

    Can you give any references for these ratios?

    I can't answer this since I don't know what ratios you are talking about.

    I've never seen one; that's why I asked you for one above. You presumably got this idea from somewhere. Where?
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    Hello chemguy777. You are referring Planck unit. $$G,\hbar,c$$ are the constants chosen to be one in the unit. I do not know the value of $$G$$ is derived from other postulates.
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    Hi Sweetsprings thank you for your reply.

    I was hoping to explain why the Einstein Gravitational constant may be represented as ratios (plural) of force, however thermal forces must be defined first.

    If you are interested I shall be happy to post the definition of the thermal force ratio.


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    Before you do anything else, you need to give the references that I requested in post #2. PF rules prohibit discussion of personal theories. If you have a reference for "thermal force ratio", you're welcome to post that as well.
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