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Formulas for designing an induction generator

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    Hello. I am attempting to design a generator that works with the (admittitedly) inefficent design or rotating a conductive material inside a magnetic field to produce current flow. I could use help finding the formulas I need to calculate the ammount of spin and size of coils i will need to produce current so that I can play around with a desing idea I have and see just how innefficent and impossible to build it will be. I would appriciate not just the formulas that I will need to calculate the variables to achieve a specific output but also the references I should read to gain a better understanding of the proper applications of them and to increase my knowledge. I am not an engineer or electrician, however I am not completely uneducated. I understand the basic principles and would like to give myself a quick education on very basic level design theory and various materials that would work better than copper wire for my coils. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.
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    You figure this out yet? Check out the homemade windmill forums, may I ask what your trying to use it for?
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    I haven't figured it out yet I don't have much spare time. So I have just downloaded the texts for a mechanical engineering and eletrical engineering degree, (cal-tech masters program) and will just read through them over the next few weeks and give myself a quick education in what I am missing. I had an idea for a different type of power generator that I am hoping will be cheap enough to build, and will over come its inefficencys by taking advantage of what is often called cold energy effects to be marketable at a profit. I am wanting to build a test model to see if I am correct or if I am just getting to spend a few weeks playi9ng in the shop for fun.
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