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Fortran 90 command to write only specific lines

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    Hi all. I did search in internet but couldn't find the specific answer for my specific problem.I need to run a program with a datafile in 3000 time step and the output will 1.dat to 3000.dat, which is every single data output size 200Mb. To safe the storage, I would like to write only every tenth of file, in example 1.dat,10.dat,20.dat,30.dat,40.dat,............., 2970.dat,2980.dat,2990.dat,3000.dat. How I can write in write statement for this purpose?

    thank you in advance
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    I don't understand what is complicated here. Can't you simply use an if statement around the part where the output is done?
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    well, yes, then write every 10th time through the loops...look into function "mod" to get you an idea.
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    What's your specific question? Did you mean the output name or big size data generate?
    If you mean the output name :

    program main
    implicit none
    integer i
    real vars
    character(len=255) output_name

    do i=1,1000
    write(output_name,100) i,"dat"
    write(10,file=trim(output_name)) vars
    end do

    100 FORMAT(I4.4,A3)
    end program

    The result would be: 0000.dat, 0001.dat, 0002.dat .... 1000.dat
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