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Fortran help: Open and Write functions

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    How can I have an open statement:


    and be able to later have a write statement:

    15 FORMAT('Data was collected from ',????,'file:')

    where the ??? would call in the file name. Also, when I type 'file:', it creates a link to something. How do I stop that or do I need to just do something else instead?
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    'data.txt' can be the value of a variable of type CHARACTER. You would replace the ???? in yourFORMAT statement with an A descriptor and use the name of the CHARACTER variable on the corresponding WRITE statement.

    For your last question, could you clarify what you are asking?
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    Thank you, I should have realized that sooner. With my second question, when I went to type my write statement, once I had the ':' after file, it became blue and underlined. I am still new to fortran and I have never seen or had to use a feature that did that. Is it something that can be suppressed or do I have to use a different character instead of ':' after the word 'file'?
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    What are you using for writing your code? That sounds like something Microsoft Word would do. :yuck:
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    Some programming editors use different colors to display statements according to their use in the program. For instance, declaration statements may be one color, comments another, executable statements another, etc. The final color sometimes cannot be determined until the statement is completely entered.
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    Needless to say, this highlighting of characters or entire words has nothing to with the Fortran program per se and are not part of the syntax, nor persist once you save the file to disk and quit whatever editor you are using...it is simply a convenience offered by some text editors to make it easier to the human eye to tell things apart...just wanted to mention this since nobody seemed to have said it and it seems that you could benefit from such commentary, too.
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