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[fortran90] have problem in real array index

  1. Dec 21, 2012 #1
    hi all...i have problem in understanding in array index. my codes are as below

    Code (Text):

    subroutine  tmz2d
    implicit none

    double precision                   :: phi
    double precision                   :: cosphi,sinphi
    double precision                   :: d,dp,dpp,d1,d2
    integer                            :: i,j,m,h
    integer                            :: minit,mlast
    integer                            :: l,p
    integer                            :: iinit,ilast,hlast,pinit,plast
    integer                            :: n
    integer                            :: linit,llast
    integer                            :: jinit,jlast
    double precision,dimension(200)    :: Hm,Em
    double precision                   :: Einc,Hinc
    double precision,dimension(200,200):: Ezinc,Hxinc,Hyinc
    double precision, parameter        :: pi = 3.14159265
    character(len=20)                  :: filename

     minit = 1
     mlast = 100
     linit = 1
     llast = 100
     pinit = 1
     plast = 100

     iinit = 1
     ilast = 100
     jinit = 1
     jlast = 100

     phi = pi/4.0
     cosphi = cos(phi)
     sinphi = sin(phi)
     print *, 'cosphi=',cosphi,'sinphi=',sinphi

    do n = 1,100
      write (filename, "('data',I3.3,'.dat')") n
      open (unit=130,file=filename)

     call bg1d
     !print *, 'see me2'

      do m = 2,2*ilast-1
        do p = 2,2*jlast-1
          if (Mod(m,2)/=0) then
        if (Mod(p,2)/=0) then
             d = cosphi*(m - minit) + sinphi*(p - pinit)
             dp = d - int(d)
             Einc = (1-dp)*Em(int(d))+dp*(Em(int(d)+1))
             Ezinc(m,p+2) = Einc
             write(130,*) Ezinc(m,p+2)
            end if
          end if
        end do
      end do

      do m = 2,2*ilast-1
        do p = 2,2*jlast-1
          if (Mod(m,2) == 0) then
        if (Mod(p,2) == 0) then
             d = cosphi*(m - minit) + sinphi*(p - pinit)
             dpp = d+1
             dp = dpp-int(d)
               Hinc = (1-dp)*Hm(int(dpp)-0.5)+dp*Hm(0.5+int(dpp))
               Hxinc(m,p+1) = sinphi*Hinc
               Hyinc(m-1,p+2) = -cosphi*Hinc
            end if
          end if
        end do
      end do

    end do !n
    print *, 'see me3'

    end subroutine tmz2d

    and i got this warning when execute


    Hinc = (1-dp)*Hm(int(dpp)-0.5)+dp*Hm(0.5+int(dpp))
    Warning: Extension: REAL array index at (1)

    Hinc = (1-dp)*Hm(int(dpp)-0.5)+dp*Hm(0.5+int(dpp))
    Warning: Extension: REAL array index at (1)


    the problem come from line 167 and i found out that fortran do not allow real index...(int(dpp) -0.5)..can anyone give me an advice how to solve this problem.

    thank you in advance
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    The obvious answer (which should remove the warning, but doesn't have to be correct for your problem) is to use int(dpp-0.5) - right now you are converting dpp to an int, then subtracting (or adding) 0.5 converting it back to a real. Do the subtraction first, conversion to an int later.
  4. Dec 21, 2012 #3
    O.k., you found out that Fortran does not allow "real" index; more precisely, it allows a "real argument" but the final index needs to be integer...to that end, it allows a "real argument" which gets automatically typecast into an integer. If "real argument" wasn't allowed, you would get a compiler "error" instead of a "warning".

    Say, is there a chest of drawers in your room? Does it have drawer 1.37?...It's the same with arrays.
  5. Dec 26, 2012 #4
    thanks Borek, its worked and removed the warning

    thanks gsal for the explanation..i am really new in fortran90
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