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Fourier absorption spectra of Carbon monoxide

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    So I have a spectra of CO that I need to interpret. My guess is that the spectra will depend on the vibrational and vibrational factors but how could I see that?
    I mean what will that come out like in the fourier spectra?
    any tips on this our a site where I can read more about it is appriciated.

    / goGP
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    ok when looking around I have found some answers. found a picture of what we are looking at.

    so basically what I know now is that we have
    delta l = -1
    to the left of the gap and
    delta l = +1
    to the right
    delta l = 0 where the gap is

    where l is the rotational angular momenta.

    I also know that the peaks corresponds to a shift in both v and l value where v is the rotationalstate. with the rule that
    delta v= +(-)1

    so what I want with this now is to maybe see how the radius of the molecule differ with energy but I'm not really sure how to start.

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