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Fourier Transform of a sinc like equation

  1. Sep 16, 2014 #1
    I have been given this [tex]y(t)=\frac{sin(200πt)}{πt} [/tex]

    All I want is to find, is how the rectangular pulse will look like if I take the transformation of the above. That "200" kind of confusing me, because it isn't a simple [tex]sinc(t)=\frac{sin(πt)}{πt} [/tex]

    I need somehow to find the height of the pulse and frequency range.

    If I had Y(f) after the Transformation, could I just use fourier theorem below

    [tex]y(0) = \int_{-\infty}^\infty Y(f)\,\mathrm df [/tex]

    to find the rectangle area? But also, I don't understand, at y(0) , it is supposed to be the whole area of the pulse or just the area at the center of the rectangle?
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    I'm honestly not well versed in Fourier transforms, so I'm afraid I can't quite help you there. But isn't y(t) basically...

    [tex]y(t) = \frac{sin(200\pi t)}{\pi t} = 200 \frac{sin(200 \pi t)}{200 \pi t} = 200 sinc(200t)[/tex]

    I don't suppose you could utilize that?
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    oh lol, I am tired a lot, I guess -.-

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