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Fractals - Infinite?

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    Are the perimiters of fractals infinite? Or does Plank scale prohibit that?

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    You are confusing physics and mathematics. Fractals are mathematical objects, so there is no problem with having infinite length perimeters. If you tried to realize it physically, there is a limit on length.
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    I am interested to know what is meant by Plank scale and whether the perimeters of fractals are infinite.

    Please define fractals for me.
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    The boundary of fractals are infinite.

    The planck length is thought to be the length scale at which quantum gravity is apparent.

    True fractals do not seem to be found in the physical world, therefore they have no simple connection with quantum gravity or the Planck scale.
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    I found this formula definition of the planck length for you:

    h-bar = Plank's constant

    G = Gravitational constant

    C = Speed of light in vacuo

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