Frictionless Multiple Body Problem with Inclined planes

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Homework Statement

An m1 = 7.6 kg block and an m2 = 10.7 kg block, connected by a rope that passes over a frictionless peg, slide on frictionless incline. Find acceleration of boxes and tension of the rope.

Homework Equations

I'm not sure what else

The Attempt at a Solution

I'm really not sure where to start... I drew a free-body diagram and resolved the perpendicular/parallel components of each weight vector. Do I find the net of those two forces? How does tension work? (that concept still confuses me in general)

Answers and Replies

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How does tension work?
Tension acts as a force pulling the block towards the rope and, equally, the string towards the block.
You are not given a mass for the rope, so assume it is negligible. This means that despite the rope's accelerating the net force on it is effectively zero. This means you can assume the tension is the same at both ends of the rope.
Please post the equations you have from your FBDs. Try to assign unique symbols to each different force etc.

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