What is Frictionless: Definition and 475 Discussions

The frictionless plane is a concept from the writings of Galileo Galilei. In his 1608 The Two New Sciences, Galileo presented a formula that predicted the motion of an object moving down an inclined plane. His formula was based upon his past experimentation with free-falling bodies. However, his model was not based upon experimentation with objects moving down an inclined plane, but from his conceptual modeling of the forces acting upon the object. Galileo understood the mechanics of the inclined plane as the combination of horizontal and vertical vectors; the result of gravity acting upon the object, diverted by the slope of the plane.However, Galileo's equations do not contemplate friction, and therefore do not perfectly predict the results of an actual experiment. This is because some energy is always lost when one mass applies a non-zero normal force to another. Therefore, the observed speed, acceleration and distance traveled should be less than Galileo predicts. This energy is lost in forms like sound and heat. However, from Galileo's predictions of an object moving down an inclined plane in a frictionless environment, he created the theoretical foundation for extremely fruitful real-world experimental prediction.Frictionless planes do not exist in the real world. However, if they did, one can be almost certain that objects on them would behave exactly as Galileo predicts. Despite their nonexistence, they have considerable value in the design of engines, motors, roadways, and even tow-truck beds, to name a few examples.The effect of friction on an object moving down an inclined plane can be calculated as









{\displaystyle F_{\mathrm {f} }=\mu _{\mathrm {k} }F_{\mathrm {N} },}



{\displaystyle F_{\mathrm {f} }}
is the force of friction exerted by the object and the inclined plane on each other, parallel to the surface of the plane,



{\displaystyle F_{\mathrm {N} }}
is the normal force exerted by the object and the plane on each other, directed perpendicular to the plane, and



{\displaystyle \mu _{\mathrm {k} }}
is the coefficient of kinetic friction.Unless the inclined plane is in a vacuum, a (usually) small amount of potential energy is also lost to air drag.

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  1. T

    I Bead on a vertical frictionless ring

    A bead is kept at the bottom of a vertical frictionless ring , if the ring is given an acceleration a horizontally, what is the maximum angular displacement of the particle? The problem is easily solved from the frame of reference of the moving ring, I am however Intrested in a solution without...
  2. S1000

    Hamiltonian of a Point particle on a frictionless plane

    I am stuck on Question e and then how to proceed to f. I cannot seem to show this using the steps in the prior questions. My answers are: a) b) c) c) continued - and d) at the bottom of the page d)I am not sure where I have gone wrong, as I am not sure how to apply the relevant...
  3. M

    A 4kg mass sits on a frictionless table....

    I got 13N but is that right because apparently, it's wrong Here's my work: F = mg = 2(10) = 20N F = ma a = F/m = 20/4+2 = 20/6 = 10/3 = 3.3m/s^2 T = mg - ma T = (2kg)(10m/s^2) - (2kg)(3.3m/s^2) = 13.4 N I appreciate it! And if I'm wrong could you show how you got your answer? Thanks
  4. P

    Why are tension and friction in the same direction?

    For the box I understand it’s just normal and force of gravity as well as tension pulling them, it was declared to have no friction so it just points up down and right. It’ll be accelerating right. The second person again has the normal force, gravity and the tension going to the left as a...
  5. sachin

    Newton's laws--Block sliding up a frictionless semi-circular track

    While coming across a question on Newton's laws,I found a case when a block slides on another block kept horizontally as in the figure.All surfaces are frictionless. My concern is for the blocks to be in contact that is to move together will the horizontal velocities of both the blocks be the...
  6. James Brown

    B Will a round-headed rod topple if it slides down a frictionless slope?

    Well, the problem is that, someone told me that a ball won't roll when sliding down a frictionless slope because the resultant force mgsinx is parallel to the slope which means that the ball will slide down the slope. Now, replace the ball with a round headed rod, does this means that the rod...
  7. Y

    Preventing a block from sliding down a frictionless inclined plane

    hey i would like to understand something, i solve this question but i don't understand why my answer is right, first of all we learn that in problems like this we need to disassemble into components the mg and that what i try to do here but i didnt get the right answer so then i try to do same...
  8. nirlalush

    Newton's laws — Two stacked blocks sliding on a frictionless floor

    hello , I am adding pdf with the questions and what i tried to do to solve them. in the first question my teacher just taught us that if there is a frictionless floor and i push the upper block (m) with force F toward me then if the static friction will be toward me too. so the lower block M is...
  9. S

    Using the sin function for a problem with a frictionless pulley and an incline

    To find the tension in the rope connecting 6.0 kg block and 4.0 kg block we do 6.0 kg = m1, 4.0 kg = m2, 9.0 kg = M (m_2 + m_1)a - Ma = Mg - m_2 gsin\theta - m_1 gsin\theta Why do we use sin in these equations and not cos?
  10. SpaceThoughts

    I Changing the RPM of a frictionless spinning wheel in a box

    Imagine a spinning wheel built into a hand size vacuum box. There is no friction between the axe bearings of the wheel and the box. Let's say that the wheel rotates with 60 RPM. Am I right if I assume: 1. The wheel continues to rotate, approximately as if in space. 2. It is not possible to...
  11. K

    Can You Make a Frictionless Loop Turn?

    Suppose we are give a homogenous hollow cylinder or "normal" dimensions (for example 3" inside dia., 4" outside dia., 5" high". The composition is any non-exotic, non-magnetic, solid material. Is there any way to cause it to rotate about its vertical axis? Whatever the material is, any...
  12. V

    What happens when the maximum is exceeded in the Mass-Spring System?

    If M is displaced by an amount + x from equilibrium.What happens to the two masses at the point of release for displacements of x and less? Will they remain static because mass m provides whatever it takes to stop mass M from moving till some x where m slips and M oscillates or Will they...
  13. A

    Vertical beam on a frictionless surface

    This could also be posted in the Math / differential equations sub, but it also involves the derivation which is classical physics. So I was doubting :smile:. So, I'm dusting off my dynamics a bit and found this problem of a thin beam on a frictionless surface in a different forum and decided...
  14. T

    Two carts are held together, and when released they are pushed apart by a spring

    Ever since the switch to online learning, I have been having trouble with understanding the topics right out of the book. And so I am just not sure if I am ever doing anything right in physics. So far I have calculated the KE of both carts KE(A)=0.634 J and KE(B)=0.254 J. I am unsure how exactly...
  15. Tymofei

    Influence of initial shift on undamped frictionless forced oscillations

    I have general equation for undamped forced oscillations (no friction) which is: I just wonder about,what type of motion should occur when initial conditions are both 0 (i.e v0=0 and x0=0). My intuitive expectation is that as there is no 'natural' oscillations at beginning,vibration has to be...
  16. K

    Help with acceleration -- A block on top of a block on a frictionless table

    I don't understand the problem. Does not block A and B make a system, so they should have the same velocity and acceleration at all time? If not, why do they have different accelerations? I don't understand this part of the problem either: "pull applied to block B equals 12.0 N, then block B has...
  17. jschim

    Oscillating Spring in a Frictionless pulley system

    1. Draw Free body Diagram for each weight. 2. Solve for Tension in Rope. 3. Find Spring Constant. 4. Find omega (w, or angular velocity)
  18. jonander

    Newton's first law and a body on an infinite and frictionless road

    Hi everyone! I have started to study physics this month and I got to the Newton's laws. According to Wikipedia, the first law is: This definition made me wonder: If there was, let's say, a fictional road, infinite long and frictionless, and a body would move in constant velocity over it, could...
  19. A

    Work of gravity on an object sliding down a frictionless sphere

    Homework Statement: A perfect hemisphere of frictionless ice has radius R=6.5 meters. Sitting on the top of the ice, motionless, is a box of mass m=6 kg. The box starts to slide to the right, down the sloping surface of the ice. After it has moved by an angle 20 degrees from the top, how much...
  20. DavidMasabo

    Need a force to accelerate an object on a frictionless surface

    Problem Statement: would you need a force to accelerate an object on a friction-less surface? How could one calculate the force? Relevant Equations: F=MA would you need a force to accelerate an object on a friction-less surface? How could one calculate the force?
  21. Z

    [Work check] Parametric frictionless wire

    for my formatting, (dot) implies a single time derivative with respect to the variable Kinetic Energy = T = (1/2) m (x(dot)2 +y(dot)2 + z(dot)2 Plug in respective values for x y and z -> T= (1/2) m (a2 α2sin2(αλ) λ(dot) +a2 α2cos2(αλ) λ(dot) + b2λ(dot) After canceling out Sin and cos ->...
  22. Abhishek11235

    Solving 8.62: Frictionless Stick in Morin's Classical Mechanics

    Homework Statement This is the problem 8.62(in screenshot) from Morin's textbook of Classical mechanics. I solved it using conservation of momentum in y direction. However in solution manual,he neglects the momentum in y direction by calling stick frictionless. What is this frictionless stick...
  23. Matt Raj

    Object on a hemispherical hill

    Homework Statement There is an object at the top of a frictionless hemispherical hill with radius R. t time t=0, it is given a small impulse so that it starts sliding down the hill. Find the height from the ground where the ball becomes airborne. Express your answer in terms of R. Homework...
  24. A

    How Does a Frictionless Ramp Affect Loot Crate Motion?

    Homework Statement Consider a loot crate, at the top of a frictionless ramp. If the mass of the loot crate is 11.5kg and the ramp has a rise of 3m and a run of 4m, then compute the following. a) Compute the free body diagram of the loot crate a time 0. (i.e. when the loot crate is at the top...
  25. M

    Conceptual Question: Block on a wedge on a frictionless surface

    Homework Statement This is more of a conceptual question, but say a block was set on top of an inclined plane, which was set on top of a frictionless level surface. Would the inclined plane move? Why or why not Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution My thought...
  26. T

    Solving Force and Motion: Pulling 25.0 kg Sled 25m

    << Mentor Note -- New poster has been reminded to use the Homework Help Template when posting schoolwork questions >> A 25.0 kg sled is pulled (assume frictionless) with a force of 15.0 N at an angle of 20 degrees above the horizontal. (a.) How long will it take to pull the sled 25m? (b.) How...
  27. Dante Meira

    Move a mass on frictionless surface in a vacuum chamber

    How much energy is necessary to move one kilogram of mass horizontally for one meter on a perfectly frictionless surface inside a vacuum chamber? Assuming the initial velocity of the mass is zero, the mass is at rest.
  28. thevinciz

    Parabolic motion along a frictionless path

    Homework Statement A sufficiently small steel smooth spherical object is initially at rest at point A on the smooth surface of a finite parabolic curve AOB in a vertical plane as shown in Fig.3-1, where the point O stands for the bottom point, the tangential line at O being horizontal, the...
  29. M

    Unnecessary Pump in a Frictionless Pipe: Impact on Pressure and Work

    Imagine a pump is installed in a pipe where there would be no need for it (no friction, no height difference, etc.). In order for the energy balance to be correct, does this imply that the fluid would experience friction inside the pump the same as the head provided by the pump?
  30. M

    How high does the frictionless ramp have to be for the ball....

    Homework Statement What minimum height does the frictionless ramp have to be for the ball to be able to travel along the ramp into a loop upside down and not fall? Radius of loop = .3m Homework Equations PE + KE = PE + KEThe Attempt at a Solution mgh_1=mgh_2 + 1/2 mv^2 h_1 = h_2 + v^2/(2g)...
  31. S

    Angled falling Meter Stick on a frictionless surface

    Homework Statement A meter stick is held 60 degrees to the horizontal on a flat frictionless surface. If it is let go what is the distance the back the stick will reach with respect to the length of the meter stick (l). Homework Equations I = 1/3 mL^2 Don't know what to use. This seems more...
  32. Eyris

    Kinematics on a frictionless incline plane

    The situation: The mass is pushed up an incline with an angle of 1 degree with an initial velocity of 1 m/s, and it comes back down to its original position. The questions to answer: What is the total distance the object travels on the frictionless inclined plane? How long will the object...
  33. E

    A frictionless incline with a block sliding down it....

    A frictionless incline (the triangle below) is bolted to the floor so that it can not move. A block of mass m slides down the slope, which makes an angle with the horizontal.a)Draw a free-body diagram for the block, labeling all forces uniquely. b)Describe all the forces listed above in the...
  34. A

    Will a sphere rotate on a frictionless inclined surface?

    Well, my physics teacher taught us about rotation the other day and I came across a scenario where a sphere and a ring roll down a friction-less inclined plane from a point of absolute rest. I found it counter-intuitive as I started to think about why would they start rolling in the first place...
  35. NoahCygnus

    A question about rolling motion of a wheel on a frictionless surface

    Let's imagine a situation where we have a wheel of mass ##M## and radius ##R## on a frictionless surface, and we apply a force ##\vec{F}## as shown in the diagram. The force will produce both linear acceleration of centre of mass ##a## and angular acceleration ##\alpha##. The wheel starts to...
  36. H

    Long rod rotating on frictionless surface

    If I take a rod of length L and lay it down on a surface with no friction and act upon it with a force F off its center of mass by let's say L/4, there will be a torque on the object and it will start to rotate around its center off mass. My question is why does the object necessarily rotate...
  37. V

    Rotating mass on a frictionless table pulling up an object.

    Homework Statement (General Physics - Algebra based) A 0.75 kg puck rotates in a horizontal circular motion on a frictionless table. It is attached to a string that is looped through a hole at the center of table and circular path. Attached to the other end of the string is a 1.5 kg block that...
  38. M

    A system comprising blocks, a light frictionless pulley, and

    Homework Statement A system comprising blocks, a light frictionless pulley, and connecting ropes is shown. The 9-kg block is on a smooth horizontal table (μ = 0). The surfaces of the 12-kg block are rough, with μ = 0.30. In Fig. 5.7, the mass M is set so that it descends at constant velocity...
  39. H

    Frictionless Disk Supported by Massless String

    In the following diagram, a frictionless disc is supported by a massless string. This problem was given by the author of a book, and a solution was given to some questions that were asked about this diagram. One thing the author said in one of the solutions, was that the tension in the string...
  40. O

    Energy Conservation: Puck on Wood on Frictionless Surface

    Homework Statement Hey all, another problem. There is a 1 meter wooden panel that is on a frictionless surface. A puck is placed on one end of the panel and is pushed towards the other side. The mass of the panel is 10 times that of the puck. Also, there is a friction coefficient of uk=0.15...
  41. V

    Acceleration of a frictionless block on a frictionless wedge

    Homework Statement There is no friction between any surfaces mass is known. Find acceleration of the blocks. Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution I'm almost certian Amx=g sin θ AMy=0
  42. Feodalherren

    Frictionless mass sliding in rotating pipe

    Homework Statement A pipe is spinning around with angular velocity ω = 2 rad/s about its fixed end. Inside the pipe is a frictionless block that is free to slide. The block is located 1 m from the fixed end of the pipe when the angle from the vertical, θ = π/2 (horizontal). What is the radial...
  43. S

    Motion on a frictionless Surface

    "Suppose a body is kept on frictionless surface (considering gravity is acting on a body). If we give a little push to the body, will it conitnue to be in state of motion with constant velocity or not?...If yes then why?? (Considering all resistances to be zero ..)
  44. Feodalherren

    Frictionless ring sliding on circle in constant acceleration

    Homework Statement A box is sliding with constant acceleration a to the right. Inside the box there is a quarter of a circle upon which a frictionless ring can slide. Find the angle theta in terms of the other given variables. Picture in solution Homework Equations F=ma, etc. basic stuff...
  45. Truman I

    A rod at rest on ice is struck by a piece of clay....

    1. Homework Statement A rod (m=6kg, L=3m) at rest on ice (μ=0) is struck by a piece of clay (m=1kg, V=5m/s). The clay sticks. 1) What is the Velocity of the center of mass after the collision? 2) What is the Angular Velocity of the rod following the collision? If the clay did not stick but...
  46. physicsdude101

    A mass is free to move on a horizontal frictionless surface

    Homework Statement A mass m that is free to move on a horizontal frictionless surface, is attached to one end of a massless string that wraps partially around a frictionless vertical pole of radius r, as in the Figure below.You are holding onto the other end. At t=0 the mass has speed V0 in the...
  47. physicsdude101

    A bead rests at the top of a fixed, frictionless hoop.

    Homework Statement A bead rests at the top of a fixed, frictionless hoop of radius R that lies in a vertical plane. The bead is given a tiny push so that it slides down and around the hoop. At what points is the bead's acceleration vertical? What is the acceleration at these points? This...
  48. Nikhil Rajagopalan

    Jumping off a moving cart on a frictionless track

    If we consider a cart of mass M ,moving along a friction-less track, with velocity v on which a boy of mass m, stands at rest initially at the front end of the cart . If the boy jumps from the cart, in the direction of motion of the cart with a velocity u relative to the cart, what will be the...
  49. Nacho Verdugo

    Mass sliding on frictionless inclined plane compresses a spring

    Homework Statement A body with mass m start from repose and slide along a plane without friction. The plane forms an angle with the horizontal. After sliding a distance d unknown, the mass touches the extremity of a spring non compressed and non stretched with no mass. The mass slides a...
  50. Arman777

    Friction Force on 2 blocks on a frictionless surface....

    Homework Statement The two blocks ##(m=16 kg)## and ##(M=88 kg )## , are not attached to each other.The coefficient of static friction between the blocks is ##μ=0.33##, but the surface beneath the larger block is frictionless.What is the minimum magnitude of the horizontal...