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Front end of an engineering design

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows (and could tell me) how to put together a front end engineering design. I've been asked to create one, have no idea what it is and so far google has been no help!

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    The term "front end" can mean a computer program for controlling a device. But there could be more meanings and a better explanation. I hope you were given more direction than just that...
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    Thank you Russ, I have been looking into how a particular machine works, and been asked to compile my findings into a front end engineering design report. I was initially thinking that 'front end' was just a non-standard reporting style, but perhaps i was wrong. Could i be being asked to put together a report on how to design a program to run the machine? Unfortunately i can't get official clarification for at least a week and i would like to have started, well... yesterday. Any further insights?
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    I have no idea about what they want, either. My (totally non-professional) approach would be to start gathering as much information as possible that is relevant to the project and make notes. Organize whatever you come up with in a manner that makes sense to you. That way, you have a head-start when you finally get confirmation of what the goal is.
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    I have never heard the term used in anything other than software packages , like Russ mentioned. However, after reading what you just wrote, it sounds to me like they just want a report on the overall workings of the machine. Perhaps the "front end" here is referring to the top level of the assembly and how it is interfaced with.
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    A "front end design" is a high-level design of a product; more usually of a system. Depending on the brief, it may show the layout of a processing plant, the key operating mechanisms of a machine, or a packaging layout of a consumer product.

    While it may prove such issues as feasibility, scale, dimension, concept, cost etc, it doesn't get involved with the 'nuts and bolts' of the product, any in-depth calculations (other than to prove the basic premise), or detail of individual components/subsystems.

    So you might have have a front end design of an overall product, then perhaps system schemes, then assembly drawings, then detailed component drawings.

    It must be a British term!
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    Thank you everyone, helpful as can be :D
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