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Fundamental therom of calculus

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    Hi.guys i have some confusion on the fundamental therom of calculus.
    here is my question.

    1. somethimes when i use the fundamental therom of calculus which is F(a) - F(b).
    the out come will be negative .in the same question when i type in my calculator its only give me positive i guess is the area. for example Integral of sinx dx from 0 to 1.5
    when i did by hand using FTC its gives me -0.929 but in the calculator its 0.929.I am guesing it the calculator only give the area.(not sure)

    so i need explanation on this .

    F=derivative of function.
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    Re: calc

    Are you sure you're not getting the endpoints around the wrong way in the calculator? On some calculators, the order in which one should put the endpoints is rather baffling,.
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    Re: calc

    No, in the fundamental theorem of calculus F is NOT the derivative of the function, it is the anti-derivative of the function. Now, what is the anti-derivative of sin(x)?
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