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G Force upon falling object on impact

  1. Sep 14, 2012 #1
    Hi Guys,

    I have been asked to find out at what point a measurement device go out of calibration when dropped and express that in a g as in G force.

    Its been 15 years since I studied physics (for 3 years), I do rememeber a bit but I need some help..

    I have the size and weight (mass) of the device
    It is dropped from a set height to a concrete floor. Assume no absortion by the floor.
    After dropping we check to see if it still measures properly and if it does, increase the height until the readins is incorrect. At this point we will say the unit can expreience 'x' G force before calibration is required again.

    Height = 1m (for example)
    Gravity = 9.8 (unless something has changed since I was at school)

    What other parameters do I need to know and what formula do I need to use.

    thanks in advnance..

    Cheers, Ben
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    You need to know how fast the object stops...that's basically the only information you need.

    In other words, during the entire fall, the object is essentially weightless (feels 0 g's), while it is on the floor, it experiences 1g of force acting on it; but most of the g's will come from when the object is stopped by the floor. Without knowing how fast the object stops, we can't tell the g's.
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    Sine you're actually testing, it would be best to attach accelerometers and measure the acceleration. It is extremely difficult to calculate accurately.
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