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Homework Help: Gain bandwidth product from bode plot

  1. Sep 30, 2012 #1
    Can any one tell me how to find the gain bandwidth product from bode plot of a unity gain circuit for the attached bode plot?
    I hv attached the circuit and bode plot .....

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    Gain bandwidth is just the gain times the -3db frequency if it is a DC circuit from 0Hz to -3dB frequency.

    In your case, your circuit has a gain of 1. Your -3db from the top graph is about 2Mhz, so the GBWP is about 2MHz.

    Read the first link that UART show above, particular read my comment in the last post there. What school is this?
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    You must be looking at a different attachment than me yungman. The -3dB point is shade over 2MHz and the gain of each op-amp is 2.

    The numbers may have been changed slightly but this is basically the exact same question as the other poster gave. I'd say this is a class assignment and the instructor has changed the figures slightly for each group so as to minimize cheating.
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    Ha ha, what? Look at my post again!!!!:rofl:

    When I saw your comment and look quickly at the plot and schematic, I thought it's the same drawing. So I pulled up the numbers from before. But the message is the same. This is scary!!!
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