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Game Theory

  1. Jan 11, 2010 #1
    Recently my economics class and john nash have lead to a curious interest in Game Theory. I'm obviously looking for an introduction, but all the ones I found on amazon seem to elude any mathematics, which is my main passion. So I ask for a proper introduction to Game Theory which is not afraid to dive into the math. Bearing in mind though, I have not studied multi variable calculus which from my knowledge seems to come into play at some points, but I also love a challenge.

    Thanks all!
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    This one is very clear!

    But I think it will be tough if you haven't had any multivariable calculus. Have you at least done some linear algebra?
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    Wise choice, then!
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    I think Jean Tirole and Drew Fudenberg's Game Theory and Osborne and Rubinstein's A Course in Game Theory will satisfy you. If not, I recommend that you can search some essays in this area.
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    Fisicks, if you go to the author's web site you'll find the pdfs of the first edition for free.
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    Yale game thoery video lectures
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