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Gas or vapor and a liquid from another liquid using temperature.

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    The boiling temperature of a liquid removes as much heat as is needed to maintain the boiling temperature of that liquid. Nobody can take any liquid to a temperature above that liquid's boiling temperature, right? If they could maybe they would find the boiling temperature of a portion of the original liquid, say a group of molecules, turning that group of molecules into a gas or vapor, while another portion of the original liquid remains in a liquid form. Now lets say the gas or vapor now has a void in the original molecular structure, of the original liquid. The gas or vapor has retained the most molecules. Because gas or vapor and liquid cannot occupy the same space, they seperated, due to their boiling temperature differences. When this happens air surrounding this process allows oxygen to fill this void in the gas or vapor and this invisible vapor turns white, in color. Now lets say the liquid retained is now non flammable and both were made from gasoline. Oh and the boiling temperature of the liquid is much higher than that of gasoline. Also at the temperatures the white gas appears, gasoline would be in a liquid form. Remember what can be done to one liquid can be done to any liquid. I did this to gasoline. See it on You Tube, White Gasoline Vapor. Read everything including the comments.
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    This sounds very cool. Going check it out now

    Also, call me an idiot but I remember running into Rydberg Matter during my research. Is this (Rydberg) that state
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    To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever seen as much of this gas, as I have made in the video. Nobody has ever made it before. I will get to name it when I get the results from a gas spectrometer.
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    Stealth Gas. Even better - Grey Ghost.

    So what's going on in your process there. I can't discern the sound of that ol' 300, that is one good tough motor, and possibly the higher pitch coming from your intake apparatus?

    Is it separate sounds and your apparatus is geared off the Ford?

    Getting interested. That is one fine vapor - like a pillow
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    No gears here. I have applied a specific heat to the liquid gasoline, using my process, and only a portion of the liquid reaches it's boiling temperature, so that portion becomes a gas, while another portion remains a liquid. This is separating the gasoline molecules. In this process a void is created in the number of molecules originally numbered in the gasoline, one has remained a liquid, while the others are now a gas, so the surrounding air having oxygen in it, fills the void and this turns the clear vapor to a white colored gas. This can only be a Molecular Structual Change to the gasoline. What can be done to one liquid can be done to any liquid.
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    Here is a story about that truck, in the video. Running on liquid gasoline we put a clean dry rag over the exhaust pipe, and tried to smell the rag, after the truck ran for a minute or so, but you couldn't get it close to your face before your eyes started to burn. Using another clean dry rag, and running on my white vapor, you could put the rag up to your face, and breath through it, it smelled like you were ironing clothes. If that isn't a Molecular Structual Change, then it will never happen.
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    Another story; Was in a single car garage, running on gasoline. A Ford Fairlane 500, gas guzzler. It was cold outside that day, and we closed the garage door, in less than 5 minutes we were gased out by exhaust fumes, and had to open the garage door again. We installed this chamber seen in the video. Nothing running, we closed the garge door, when installing the chamber. We started the vehicle running on the white vapor I created. It ran for 45 minutes inside the single car garage, before we realized the garage door had been closed all that time, and we were not gasping for air. This is when I knew I did something different, but didn't know what, back then.
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