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Aerospace Gas turbine self sustaining point

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    I want to review a turbocharger gas turbine design project. The previous problem was, the gas turbine could not sustain itself. Help me out if you can figure out what could be wrong.
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    I and several others hear might be able to help, but none of us can help without knowing who/what/where/why/how the gas turbine could not sustain itself. We're scientists and engineers, not clairvoyants.

    Need input!
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    It is the what/who/ why ... i want to be enlightened about. The problem the previous group encountered was the engine shutting down when the removed the air jet blower they were using to crank the turbine into starting.
    It can probably be the starting mechanism,; it could also be something you might help me with.
    Thank you.
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    First guess (and the most obvious one), theres not enough air getting to it.
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    Jet engines also sustain ignition via burner cans or igniters. The latter are usually turned off during normal operations, but are turned on during critical phases of flight.
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    As mugaliens said in the second post, you're initial post is very analogous to saying:
    You still have a lot of questions to answer yourself. Are you confident in your combustion? Are you trying to start the engine in a "good" operating range? What are you instrumenting? What are your instruments telling you?
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    Can you give us some more information please?
    What fuel are you using?
    Do you achieve a steady speed before the starter blower is removed?
    Are you running into any speed / temperature limits while trying to start?
    How are you regulating your fuel flow?
    What sort of state is the compressor in?
    On a very basic level if you are not achieving sustained running, the power being used to compress the air is more then the power being produced by the turbine.
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