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Aerospace Calculation of mass flow rate of 50MW

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    Hi i have calculated compressor , combustor , turbine inlet and outlet temperature , pressure so on and my output of gas turbine is 50MW , So for this i want to calculate the mass flow rate of air and fuel in compressor , combustor , turbine . Like m0=?,m1=?fan inlet,m2=? compressor inlet,m3=? combustor inlet,m4=turbine inlet?and massflow rate of fuel mf=? Kindly help me out soon as possible ....
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    The mass flow is the same throughout the engine; but, the gas velocity will vary depending upon the design and flow characteristics of each section of the engine.
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    so what will be the mass flow rate through the fan for gas turbine of 50mw ...
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    Please describe the engine configuration and and show us your design calculations .
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    Simple single shaft gas turbine one compressor , one turbine . T1 COMPRESSOR inlet=288K,T2 combustor inlet=792.70K,T3 combustor outlet=1500K,T4 turbine outlet=733.50K, same points like pressure P1=101 kpa, P2=1800 kpa , p 3 = 1800 kpa , P4= 101 kpa ... compressor efficiency = 0.88 , combustion chamber eff = 0.98, turbine eff = 0.9, mechanical efficiency = 0.98 . finally turbine output power is = 50 Mw .. here i need mass flow rate for all stages like M1 = compressor mass flow rate,M2 = combustor mass flow rate ,M3 = turbine mass flow rate ,Mf =Mass flow rate of fuel ?
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    If you don't know the mass flow at the power turbine, how did you determine the turbine output power to be 50 mW?
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    You have all the data in the problem statement to compute power output / unit mass flow rate and then find out flow rate to achieve 50MW.
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