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Other Gas Turbine Tuning and Control Job - How & Where

  1. May 26, 2016 #1
    Hello all!

    I am going out on a limb here looking for information as I am unable to find the answers scouring the internet. Essentially I want to know how a person would go about getting a job working with Gas Turbine Tuning and Controls? I've got an engineering background, lots of gas turbine experience, and am an extremely well versed in the tuning of automobile internal combustion engines across multiple control systems, engine platforms, and fuel types.

    I absolutely love tuning engines. It is my passion, and I dare say I am very good at it. That being said, gas turbines are the ultimate combustion engines on this planet and I can only imagine the tuning must be extremely complex and precise, which excited me beyond measure. I was thinking of how I could merge my passion for engine tuning and gas turbine experience when I recently saw a job posting for a Gas Turbine Combustion Tuning and Controls Engineer Position. While it may be a pipe dream here, I'm look for more information on what is required to eventually work one's way into that type of position. From what I was able to research from the posting it appears extensive knowledge of different gas turbine platforms, their inputs/outputs, and experience with the GE control software. I can download and read all the documentation I want online while also expanding my knowledge of the gas turbine related systems I work on now, but where is the real "In" here and how do I get to where I want to go.

    Without somebody who knows it from the inside, I'll just end up being an engineer who works on gas turbine systems by day, tunes performance cars by night, and raves about the complexities of combustion fuel tuning to anyone who will listen.

    Its a long shot, but any advice or suggestions are welcome.

    -Seth Allen
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    Well, what did that job listing want in an applicant? Have you searched for other similar job listings to see what skills/education/experience etc you'd need for those?
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    Yes, I did think to read the job description and search for similar job listings before posting an elaborate thread on here asking for guidance. The list of requirements specifies things like "extensive knowledge of GE7F gas turbine philosophy and operation" and "significant experience with GE Mark V an VI control systems". While I can very well learn about these systems as an outsider, I have no idea how to physically get involved or what position I should target as an entry point.
  5. May 28, 2016 #4
    From what you've told us I would guess that they're looking for someone to write software for turbine control systems. This might fall into two categories, sequencer or fuel control. Sequencer control tends to be more project specific depending on the application and client requirements, a generating set has different needs to a compressor set. Fuel control is more fixed depending on the gas generator. If you have a vision of yourself tuning up an individual gas generator the way you would a petrol engine put it away, this isn't a matter of tweaking an air fuel ratio or changing the ignition advance or retard.
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