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I Gaussian Quadrature on a Repeated Integral

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    Hi there,
    I am having some difficulty evaluating a repeated integral, which is the first of two shown in the image.
    I had hoped to be able to use Gaussian Quadrature to provide a numerical result, however am unsure on if this is possible for a repeated integral?

    I have attempted to use Cauchy' formula on repeated integrals to obtain a single integral, which is shown on the bottom in the image. However I am once again unsure on performing this due to the presence of φ.

    Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong/ missing?
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    Your first integral is too ambiguous. You use φ for both integrations as well as as a variable in the integrand. You need to use two different symbols for the differential variables, so there would be no ambiguity for the variable in the integrand.
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    Additionally, it seems like the integral could be singular, depending on the values of ##r_1##, ##m## and ##l##. It is not clear from your thread what the values of these quantities are.
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