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GCSE Choices (UK) for career in Pathology

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    My son is currently choosing his GCSEs and his current chosen career is Pathology. Maths and English aside as they are compulsory he has chosen Chemistry, Physics and Biology and has four other subjects to choose. Does anyone have any advice on what these four subjects should be for his chosen career? He loves Art and Drama and wishes to fill two slots with these subjects. Would this be an impedance? Are there any subjects that are a must?
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    Basically, as long as he gets good enough grades to get into Sixth Form/Further Education in the Sciences, English and Maths, then it doesn't matter what the rest are. Something like physical education may be beneficial for the theory aspects, but at GCSE level it doesn't really matter. For further information, it may be worth contacting your local FE college to ask them what requirements he would need for the relevant course.
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    Thanks for the advice. I contacted our local college and, as you say, good GCSE passes required in Triple Science, English and Maths, when it comes to A Levels, good passes required in Chemistry and Biology and any other subject, which was a surprise to me. Anyhow, he submitted his options yesterday including Art and Drama. Just hope the timetabling allows it now.
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