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General GRE score sending deadlines

  1. Nov 10, 2009 #1
    I seek the advice of the Physics fraternity regarding sending the general GRE scores. I have done my Masters in Physics and wish to do P.hD in the US. I have already received my TOEFL score which is 96 though not very good I suppose. I have done well in my Physics GRE exam and I expect it to be 900+. Last year I appeared for general GRE and managed to score just 1190(Verbal-480; Quant-710). I am planning to retake the general GRE exam in late December. Will it be fine, if I send my application with the current scores and send the latest scores later in January? Or shall I send the general GRE scores only after I receive my latest scores? Well, I know that my application will only be considered after I send all my scores but is it plausible that they reject my application because January is bit too late to submit the scores? Also, I am not really thinking about the top 10-15 universities who insist that GRE exam scores written no later than November will be accepted.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but most application deadlines are January 1. In that case, your application won't be incomplete, since you've already taken the general GRE, and they will look over what they have from you when they get around to it.

    I suppose there is a chance that they won't start looking through applications for a while, or yours is on the bottom of the pile, and when the new test scores come in, they will merge them in. I really tend to doubt it though.

    In any event, the general GRE isn't really that important. If you've done well on the physics GRE and have good recommendations and GPA, you should still be OK.
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