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Homework Help: Geometric power series of f(x)=6/(2-x) c=1

  1. Nov 28, 2006 #1
    Find the geometric power series for the given function:

    f(x)=6/(2-x) c=1

    I am stumped on this one. I've tried for an hour on this one with no luck. Could someone help?
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  3. Nov 28, 2006 #2
    Write it as [tex] 6\left(\frac{1}{2-x}\right) [/tex]. You have to get rid of the 2 so write it as follows:

    [tex] 6\left(\frac{1}{2(1-\frac{x}{2})}\right) \rightarrow 3\left(\frac{1}{1-\frac{x}{2}}\right) [/tex]
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