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Get Ready For This One *Part 2*

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    As i explained in *Get Ready For This* I have found the ultimate solution to my problem. Build a hydraulic RAM PUMP. These pumps were used 300 years ago to use the same water to raise water to the surface. The simple pump uses to moving parts which are a waste valve and an outlet valve into a compressed cylinder up and exerts the water much higher than originally tested! :biggrin:

    *Now I need to build it under 25 dollars*
    I know PVC pipe is the cheapest but i have no clue where to get these valves or what they really are.

    Wish me luck!

    http://atlaspub.tripod.com/0d85d910.gif [Broken]
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    This might help (see the link on the page for the details): http://nep.gngateway.org.uk/renewable-energy/renewable-energy-technologies/the-hydraulic-ram-pump [Broken]

    These guys are selling them for about $1500, so good luck building one for $25.
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