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Getting a job in Google or SpaceX

  1. Aug 14, 2015 #1
    Hey there guys,
    I'm an electronics engineer who just finished the course. I'm from India and as we Indians say, we decide what to pursue after doing an engineering degree. I have got job offers from companies such as Deloitte in their consulting division. But recently I joined a startup in the electronics branch and even though I'm not competent as required,I have discovered that I can actually do stuff which I thought was impossible while i was still in school. The best part is the fun, frustration and the happiness that comes with the job. I recently read about Google's restructuring and am pretty fascinated by their Rn D work and how they aim to bring about change in the world. And as far as SpaceX is concerned, Elon Musk is my hero and working there would be a dream come true. Any advices on how to get there?

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    There is no golden road to get there. First, I'd scope out the companies, check their job postings, get to know anyone who works there and begin networking with them.

    Sometimes engineers will present papers at the IEEE meetings and you might be able to meet them there and strike up a conversation about their paper. This could lead to someone telling you about upcoming job postings.

    Its a lot of hard work but can pay off. Also you must convince them that you have a skill that they need and you should write your resume highlighting the things they are looking for and not necessarily everything you've done. Basically take a job posting and rewrite your resume to truthfully highlight what they said so it doesn't get rejected or filed away too soon. As an example, you may know many programming languages but they only want Java then highlight the Java and maybe other languages that are relevant to the job posting so they'll see that. (keep a copy of every resume sent with each job posting, you'll need it later if you get an interview)
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