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Studying Getting low marks even when you study hard

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    Hi, I have been upset lately due to getting a low mark in one of the most important courses in my life. I am a fourth year nuclear engineering student. I have been an average student since high school. my uni gpa is average too. I don't know if it's the way I study is what I am doing wrong or what. Here is a brief of my life /studying.

    I am a rugby player, healthy person, I drink on weekends . Big fan of coffee . introverted

    Studying. I study daily by rewriting professor's notes " Is that a waste of time "? . how do u guys study for core engineering courses ? doing problems isn't the best option since books have no manual and we dont have past papers also exams are usually based on derivations and mainly memorising the math .
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    When you say you rewrite the professor's notes, while you do this are you forcing yourself to understand each line that you write down? Or are you simply copying penstrokes?
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    What! No exercises in your books? Study them regardless of any answer keys. How do your solutions compare to what your class mates find? Also, are you asking professors for help? Are they refusing any? They might be, which would be a big problem if no solution manuals nor answer keys.

    About rewriting classtime lecture notes, good idea. Use your book to help understand, and rewrite your notes to organize them better.
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    Maybe you've noticed that the courses get harder and harder as you progress through college. Getting average grades in college is probably a major factor in why you're getting low grades now.

    I interpret this to mean that you consider weekends to be time off from studies. That strategy might work in some fields of study, but it's not helping you in engineering.

    Rewriting the professor's notes is probably a waste of time, especially if you don't put effort into understanding each line, as another member already said. Despite what you think, doing problems is a much better option, even if you don't have access to the answers. Do you think there's a solution manual for an engineer on the job? I would advise working the problems, and getting feedback on your work from the instrtuctor or a TA for the class or even from other students in your class.
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    This is the key. You cannot learn to swim by just reading about swimming or seeing someone else do it. You need to solve a significant number of problems in order to achieve proficiency and you need to be confident that you have solved them correctly. If you struggle with that confidence, then you need to ask someone until you are confident. Discuss it with your classmates and if that does not help, then you all have similar problems with that particular type of exercise and really should ask your teachers for clarification.
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    Another thought about the absence of answer key or solution manual: You do the problems or exercises, and YOU THEN HAVE YOUR OWN KEY ( as long as your solutions are correct - which why you should share or show & tell with other students). What counts here is that you MUST be confident about your solutions.
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