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Gfortran, finding empty text lines?

  1. May 25, 2012 #1
    Win 7 MinGW compilers.

    I have a txt file that has empty lines that I'd like to pass by when reading them. Each line is assumed to be 85 characters. Here's a snippet of code:
    Open(unit=astro_in, file="METEOR_LegacyInputToNML.txt", status = "OLD")

    do while(.True.)
    Read(unit=astro_in, fmt="(a85)", iostat=eof) card ! Read file card)
    if ( (card(1:5) == 'GROUP') ) then
    Write(*,*) "crd:",card
    else if (card(1:3) == 'EOD') then
    else if (len(card) == 0) then
    Write(*,*) "Blank", card
    end if
    len(card) is always 85 even if I have a line devoid of characters. len(card) is always seeing 85. How do I determine if a line is blank? Here's a few lines of the file.

    GROUP Station #01 CARDS 02 fmt 501
    # Station data
    # ---R---|---PHIP--|---PHI---|--RLONG--|---TP----|-BN|--FL--|-STAHGT-|--COBS-|
    # f10.4 f10.8 f10.8 f10.8 f10.7 f4.0 f7.3 f9.4 a8
    6364.1543 .95003538 .953223371.97825229 .100000 6.203.200 00.6480MEANOK A
    6364.2581 .94493380 .948132841.97141644 .100000 6.203.200 00.6721NEWBROOK B

    GROUP MetTime #02 CARDS 01 fmt 502
    # Time of meteor obs, no. obs per station, ... for each station
    #H|MM|--SS--|----XJDM----|-NM|-NM|-NS|-NS|METNO|not input
    # 2f3.0 F7.3 F13.5 I4 I4 I4 I4 A6 A6
    2 12 13.0002435400.82885 40 39 1045MEANOK R2-1

    GROUP SolarHz #03 CARDS 06 fmt 503

    Maybe the file needs to be DAT??
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    If the length is 85, it is not devoid of characters but contains 85 spaces. So this will probably suffice:
    else if (card(1:10) == ' ')
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    In Fortran 90 or later, you can use the len_trim(card) to find the length without any trailing blanks.

    In earler versions of fortran, just compare card with a blank striing ' '. If you compare two strings of different lengths, the shorter one is padded with blanks .

    Some versions of fortran had a non-standard format descriptor Q which returned the actual number of characters read from the file, i.e.
    Code (Text):

    read(astro_unit, 500) nc, card
    500 format(q,a)
    This was just about the only way in Fortran to find out if a line in a data file actually contains trailing blank characters - but a file format where trailing blanks are "significant" is probably a bad idea for reasons that have nothing to do with Fortran! More usefully, the Q format also tells you if the line was longer than the variable "card" and some data was truncated.
  5. May 27, 2012 #4
    Ah, I've been wondering about trim and the others. I finally just put EOD at the start of the first line.
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