Given a general probability, determining the probability in a set

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Homework Statement

The probability of a silicon chip to be defect is .61 at the final production line.
What is the probability that exactly 6 of the 14 chips are NOT defect?

Homework Equations

The Attempt at a Solution

P(A')=.39 (since we are going to be looking for the probability that we won't have a defective chip)

Now the probability that 6 of those 14 won't be defective is ???

If there is a 39% chance of success for the total 14 chips, how do I relate that to only 6 of them?

Help me visualize this since I am utterly horrible at statistics

<b>EDIT: Just found out this is a Binomial Distribution problem and found the answer by plugging and chugging the values into the formula</b>
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try use combination