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God & Evolution

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    When you hear those crazies talking about a 6000 year old universe, they show little belief in God narrowing a concept of a supreme all poewerful force to something trivial so they can unserstand it.

    The way I get simpletons to understand it is that if you burn oxygen and graphite O2 and C you wind up with four possibilities: CO2, CO, unburnt C and unconsumed O. Nothing else. The only "randomness" is what molecules hit what but you don't get any other combinations of carbon and oxygen. In other words, things stack up on themselves in was that work, not randomly. Fow want of anything else, call the "primal rules" of what works as "God."

    Then this becomes more intelligible. Didn't a Miller in the 1950s explode carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and wind up with water, urea (a biological product), carbon dioxide? Why?, because the urea molucule "works" and will stay around.

    In this manner, "God" produced evolution - by making the ground rules or templates of things that work so that when they do occur, they stick around.
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    In Michael Behe's book "Darwin's Black Box" and Richard Dawkins "The God who wasn't there" they both refer to a statue no moving its arms because of the randomness og the molcular motoion and that the probability of all particles going in the same direction at the same time is zilch.

    Actually, understanding anything about bouncing molecules, given the start situation of equality of motion in all directions, the only way for a moleculeto change direction is to hit another mollecule (which sends that second molecule in the same direction as the first) so the sum total of all momentum is the same - zero, hence no motion of the big body.

    If you have a tank of compressed gas, then remove a partition so that it can expand to an equal sized tank, then it never goes back to the original state on its own because of the bouncing molecules alluded to above - not because of improbability but because of IMPOSSIBILITY.

    Sadi Carnot figured this out in 1828 with his perfect heat engine which could never, never approach 100% efficiency under best conditions because it is impossible to undue the randomness of molecular motion due to this principle of changing direction of one molecule forces another molecule to go in the same original direction thus prevention of a "derandomization" process.
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    Steve, I think I unwittingly mislead you when I explained how to start a new thread, I thought you meant starting another thread on relativity but a thread on evolution and God would belong in a different forum, you can see the full list of forums here...this one would probably belong in either Biology or, more likely, Philosophy (a sub-forum of General Discussion). Anyway, I assume one of the mods will move it there so it's not really a problem...
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    Discussions about god/religion tend to be frowned upon, here, because they generally lead to no good end. Lots of head-butting and whatnot. Prefacing your argument for a discussion by referring to people who subscribe to religious beliefs as "crazies" is not an auspicious nor constructive start.
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    Threads on God are fine. Religion not so much. Especially when you label believers as "crazies".
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