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Going from Electronics Engineering to Theoretical Physics?

  1. Sep 2, 2016 #1
    Due to the current situation in Venezuela , i decided on studying Two carreers in two different universities a public one and a private one (In Venezuela public universities are best , But they're usually on strike so they delay your studies often and a lot) , What i really love is physics , however physics is only taught in public universities here in Venezuela , I started Both carreers at the same time and currently i'm pretty close to graduating in electronics , and close to half of the carreer in Physics , due to Venezuela's situation i'm not sure i'll complete my bachelor's in physics , So here goes my question, is there any Good Master in Physics that takes electronics engineering in a country like Germany , Sweden , Norway or any where education is afordable?
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    Did you check the university websites? If they don't publish that, you send the universities a mail.
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    Check the following site, a friend of mine got her master and PhD and now she is doing her post doc

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