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Electronic engineering (also called electronics and communications engineering) is an electrical engineering discipline which utilizes nonlinear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, especially transistors and diodes) to design electronic circuits, devices, integrated circuits and their systems. The discipline typically also designs passive electrical components, usually based on printed circuit boards.
Electronics is a subfield within the wider electrical engineering academic subject but denotes a broad engineering field that covers subfields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields, for example solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, systems engineering, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, electric power control, robotics, and many others.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is one of the most important and influential organizations for electronics engineers based in the US. On an international level, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) prepares standards for electronic engineering, developed through consensus and thanks to the work of 20,000 experts from 172 countries worldwide.

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  1. bmihalik

    Detecting Hazards: From Radioactive Materials to Biological Threats

    Hello! I'm an electrical engineer from Hungary, who also does a lot of physics and biology in job. At the beginning of my career I worked with X-ray systems control and image processing, then with isotope diagnostic devices, then with non-invasive electrobiological measurements and spirometry...
  2. M

    How to program a buzzer to a PIC18F452 with PROTEUS and MPLAB IDE?

    crystal frequency is 4MHz The code i have tried is: #include <p18cxxx.h> #include <xc.h> void main(void) { TRISC = 0; // making TRISC pins output ADCON1 = 0x07; // making them digital pins while(1) { RC0 = 1; __delay_ms(5000); RC0 = 0...
  3. V

    DC-DC conv. Ripple affecting Speech Recognition - Capacitance multiplier

    Into a project I am working is use 12Vdc SMPS to power an audio amplifier and some more components. We have no “noise” on that stage. Then I use a step down converter to convert the 12V to 5V and power a mic preamplifier (Respeaker – usb Mic array) and a development board. There is a lot of...
  4. anubhavsingh

    CMRR in open loop and closed loop configuration of opamp

    For an opamp in open look configuration, Here Ad should be equal to open loop gain of opamp and Now consider the closed loop config of opamp (negative feedback used): However, Ad is closed loop gain here (according to Sedra Smith) and In terms of open loop gain, A is open loop gain...
  5. song youngill

    Engineering How is (1/2)V_id expressed in this circuit?

    As you can see in the picture, 1/2vid is entered in each of Vin1 and Vin2 on the left. Assuming Vcm is 0, I need to configure this circuit with ltspice, but I am not sure how to configure this vcvs. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how.
  6. KalleMP

    What are the interests of an electrical engineer living in Finland?

    Hi folks, I am a electrical engineer with an interest in many things technical. I have a soft spot for vintage technology and for modern technology with high voltages or low pressures. Now living in Finland and completing one and restoring another DIY 3D printer.
  7. S

    Engineering How Do You Calculate Load Current Values in a Center-Tap Full Wave Rectifier?

    [New poster has been reminded by the Mentors to show their work on schoolwork problems] I have tried many times to solve this problem, but can't understand how to get the value of Im and hence cannot find the Peak & other values of the load current. Please help me to solve...
  8. T

    Questions for Electronics Engineering Experts: Oscilloscope, Function Gen & DMM

    Hi experts, I am a student of electronics engineering and a new member. I have few questions related to Oscilloscope, function generator and Digital Multimeter. 1. what does the DC offset on the function generator do? 2. What is the frequency range and type of signals available? 3. What is the...
  9. J

    A Comprehensive "Map of Electronics Engineering"

    Summary:: I was wondering if there was a map of electronics engineering much like this does for physics (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZihywtixUYo). I realize that looking at undergrad course outlines should give a decent picture of the field. However I am looking for a more comprehensive...
  10. HansBu

    What are the mysteries of physics and the deeper structures of materials?

    I am only new to Physics Forum but I am looking forward to a fruitful information sharing about the mysteries in the world of Physics. Furthermore, I am interested in knowing deeper structures of materials.
  11. M

    Engineering Find the output resistance in a amplifier (MOSFET) small-signal model

    I have to solve a problem related with an 'invented' (non-real) MOSFET working in its saturation region (amplifier). I have solved all the questions, but I'm unable to get the last one. Basically, I need to determine the output resistance of the amplifier as a function of other given 4...
  12. trurle

    Explosion of 74HC14 IC in Old Stock

    Recently i am trying to put in use a stock of old 74x series microchips manufactured around ~2000 AD. Unfortunately, one of microchips 74HC14 (hex schmitt trigger inverter) in SOIC-14 package have exploded in test setup in the moment the power was applied. Loud "popping" sound, flash of blue...
  13. Fernando Valadares

    Job Skills How to get into the semiconductor industry

    Hi friends, I'm a brazilian Electronics Engineering undergrad student, going to graduate in 3 semesters. I'm also in the first semester of my Masters in Atomic and Molecular Physics, focused on ab initio simulation of semiconductor crystals (VASP). My main interest is to work in industry in...
  14. Mzzed

    Connect isolated ground to Earth?

    I am currently working on a high power class E amplifier which will sit inside a metal enclosure. It is powered by two power supplies - both are isolated but one of the power supplies is mounted in the same enclosure. The power supply itself is in a metal case and that case is connected to...
  15. akaliuseheal

    Reading datasheets to pick a comparator

    Hello, I've got a voltage comparator, well only on schematics, I need to chose one and I need some help interpreting datasheet. The datasheet I was looking at is of a lm393. My input voltage ranges from -7.8V to +7.8V. The datasheet says -0.3 to something. So it's not usable, right? I was also...
  16. Mzzed

    RF Power Meter / SWR Meter Equivalent Circuit

    I'm starting to get into RF electronics, and an upcoming project involves the use of a power meter / SWR meter. How do we model a power meter in terms of an equivalent circuit? i.e. is it just another impedance? or a transformer? or does it not effect the circuit at all, so we just don't include...
  17. FlimFlam

    How can I get my Pi 3 to work in a vacuum?

    Im trying to do some data logging, using a raspberry pi 3 would be super easy as it has a built in WiFi and Bluetooth receiver as well as an SD card. However when the vacuum gets to about -30inHg the Pi shuts off and the red light starts flashing as if there is no OS. Temperatures arent crazy...
  18. Mzzed

    Switch mode DC transformer equations?

    I would like to know if there are any general equations (such as the AC transformer equations) that describe a switch mode DC transformer. By this i mean a constant frequency DC signal (50% duty cycle) that ranges from 0V to some max voltage on the primary coil and outputs some higher voltage on...
  19. T

    Forward Transfer Characteristic of Triode - Gray Searle P1.1

    Homework Statement This problem is from Gray and Searle's Electronic Principles: P1.1 - The MOS transistor characteristics of Fig. 1.8 are a graphical presentation of the functional relationship ## i_{D} = i_{D}(v_{GS},v_{DS} )## in which ##v_{GS}## is taken as a...
  20. S

    What is the reason for harmonics in dc-dc converter?

    There is a nonlinear switch in every dc-dc converter.Is it the reason of harmonics in output voltage?
  21. T

    Which Ultrasonic Sensor is Best for Low Cost/Long Distance Proximity Sensing?

    I am new to sensors and am looking for an ultrasonic sensor with a range up to 16-18 feet for very low costs (<$10). Most sensors I have found for this project are pricey relative to the cost I imagined. Are these type of sensors the best option if I am looking for low cost/long distance...
  22. Useful nucleus

    Teaching Thermofluids to electronics engineering students

    This semester I'm teaching a thermofluids course to students with a major in electronics engineering. The subject covers thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. The motivation is to help the students to solve thermofluid problems that arise in their field. For example, the design of...
  23. E

    How to know if a certain number is a don't care in KMAP

    Homework Statement given the function $F(a,b,c,d)=Σ(0,1,2,4,5,10,12)$ how can i know for sure if 8 is a don't care? and is it possible for 6 and 14 to be don't cares? Homework Equations it's part of a bigger exercise, so the boolean expression i got from previous parts is a'c'+c'd'+b'd' The...
  24. Abdul Wali

    Model AC Servomotor with Dynamic Load Torque

    Hi, i want to model an AC Servomotor where i assume that a dynamic load is attached to the shaft of AC Servomotor. the paper that i have attached to this post has ac servomotor model running without load that's why in equation 5 TL(s) (the load torque)=0 . Now i want to include TL(s) in the...
  25. Mzzed

    Potentiometer alternatives

    So a friend and I are building a power supply using buck converter. The buck converter is going to be using the adjustable version of the LM2678 switching controller that will regulate the output voltage by varying the duty cycle. The chip uses a voltage divider connected to the output voltage...
  26. F

    Engineering Is it worth studying Electronics Engineering with Physics

    Hey everyone! I did the stupid mistake of doubling my Physics undergrad with Electronic Engineering. I just want to know, will studying EE contribute to much in practical as a Medical Physicist regardless of which area I go into? Is it better to have extensive knowledge of electronics or not?
  27. E

    Where to start learning electronics engineering on my own?

    Ok so I am in love with electronics and now I want to start learning from the bottom to the top, so that means physics and math, what are beginning topics that I must cover before jumping to circuit analysis and theory? I have a dream and planning to invent new digital device like smarthphone...
  28. B

    Finding the current in the drain of a MOSFET

    Homework Statement The equations provided require the oxide permittivity (εox)as well as the oxide thickness (tox) to determine the gate oxide capacitance per unit squared (Cox). How to solve this? Homework Equations In triode region: ID = μn * Cox * W/L * ((VGS-Vth)* VDS - VDS2/2 In...
  29. W

    Engineering Find total power in a circuit with two power supplies

    Homework Statement (a) Apply Nodal Analysis, writing down the equations which determine VA and VB, the voltages at nodes A and B [8] (b) Find values for VA and VB. [4] (c) By calculating the currents supplied by the 44 V and 2 V sources, or by any other means, calculate the total power...
  30. M

    Programs Electronics engineering or material science engineering?

    Hello everyone, I'm a sophomore student and I'm a bit confused about deciding my diploma programme. I'm really interested in physics and I don't want to work on a study field which is just full of mechanical things. EE sounds cool because of it's being hard and there are only a few people who...
  31. gerardofingurbe

    Going from Electronics Engineering to Theoretical Physics?

    Due to the current situation in Venezuela , i decided on studying Two carreers in two different universities a public one and a private one (In Venezuela public universities are best , But they're usually on strike so they delay your studies often and a lot) , What i really love is physics ...
  32. M

    Amplitude modulation of signals with [suppressed] carrier

    Hello everybody, I'm a little bit confused about two types of amplitude modulation. We distinguish here: Case I : Amplitude Modulation with suppressed carrier (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-sideband_suppressed-carrier_transmission): Case II : Amplitude modulation with carrier: Now...
  33. A

    Engineering What can i do with an Engineering Physics degree?

    I'll be attending the Southeast Missouri State University this fall and i am planning on majoring Engineering Physics: Computer Applications.The course plan includes the following courses: Introduction to Computer Programming, Object Oriented Programming,C and Unix Environment,Computer...
  34. A

    Need Help Pursuing Career in Robotics

    Hello Everyone, I posted in Physics Forums back in 2011 trying to figure out what undergraduate Major to choose based off my interests. I had received very positive feedback then and am seeking more advice now that I am further along in my career. I am a recent undergrad graduate with a major...
  35. R

    Engineering What are career options for an Electronics Engineer?

    Hello everyone, I am from India and studying Electronics Engineering. But i don't have much idea about career options available for an Electronics engineer. So can anybody give me guideline about What are career options for an Electronics Engineer? What kind of jobs are available in the...
  36. D

    Electronics Engineering or should I study Mathematics instead?

    Hello, my name is Diana and I'm studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I really love and enjoy Physics so much, and I was planning to study Physics after graduating from Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This is my first semester by the way. The reason I didn't apply for Physics...
  37. K

    Engineering Warp drive or electronics engineering

    Hey everybody, I'm from Argentina and going to college soon. I'm stuck between physics (mainly for contributing to interstellar travel) and electronics engineering. The thing is, I'd only study physics if there's a slight chance of witnessing warp drive/wormhole technologies in this lifetime...
  38. D

    Engineering Job prospects of electrical and electronics engineering

    i have deep interest in electrical and electronics components since i am small. so , i am thinking of studying E&E engineering. but , i have very little exposure to this field. Can someone share what the E&E guys do?
  39. A

    Engineering Solid State Physics vs Electronics Engineering

    Forgive me for asking this question if the answer is obvious. The truth is I have a BENG in electrical engineering and want to know the differences between the two. From an engineer's perspective its about knowing what you can do with the devices in a useful way and design, analyze and build the...
  40. S

    MS in Quantum mech after Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

    Is it possible to study quantum mechanics at post graduate level(M.S.) after a Bachelors degree(B.Tech) in electrical and electronics engineering? The reason I am asking this is in India, my locality lacks good science schools. So, I thought of doing my bachelors in EEE and then take up masters...
  41. S

    Quantum mechanicss after electrical and electronics engineering?

    Hi. I am very much interested in physics but my locality lacks good college for undergraduate physics but has good engineering colleges. I was thinking of taking up electrical and electronics engineering hoping that it is related to physics. I need advice if I can take up particle physics or...
  42. S

    Engineering What is a career in electronics engineering?

    My dream job would be working on things like developing smart phones, tablets, smart windows, and Google Glass. If you have a job like that, what are the everyday tasks? What are the non-conventional tasks? Lifestyle? Work hours? Vacation time? Even if you don't have a job like this, input is...
  43. M

    Engineering Mathematician after Electronics engineering

    Can you become a mathematician (work in research in think tanks, or teach in the universities) with masters degree in electronics engineering? Or do I need to have a second masters degree in mathematics?
  44. A

    Electronics engineering or electrical engineering

    Hi everyone, I am an italian student (last year of high school) who would like to study engineering at university. I don't know which one to choose between electronics engineering or electrical engineering (I don't know whether there is this difference abroad) I just want to say something...
  45. B

    Engineering Electronics engineering physics guidance

    Greetings, new member here from Mexico. :) I'm currently in 2nd Semester in electronics engineering and looking for some advice on what topics in physics I should emphasize for my career choice. 1st semester I took classical mechanics (units,vectors,1D motion, 2D motion, work were some topics...
  46. N

    Multimeter (VOM) Design in Electronics Engineering

    Homework Statement The statement is this one... (from the horowitz "The Art of Elctronics") http://www.electroyou.it/forum/download/file.php?id=13691 Homework Equations How should I proceed, i really didn't understand how this VOM works, i mean, i understood, that there a max scale...
  47. S

    Electronics Engineering graduation Project Ideas ?

    Hello guys I will be graduating this year getting my Bachelor of Engineering Technology going through Electronics Engineering. I have to work and think about a graduation project to do. So i have been searching around for some ideas to start with. One of the ideas I had was, since our...
  48. C

    Engineering Job prospects in electronics engineering

    I am a final year student of b.tech (electrical and electronics) at NITK,india. I want to pursue my masters degree in Canada or USA (preferably Canada) with a long term intention of settling down in said countries. I have mainly done projects in the field of robotics,signal processing and AI...