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Good 101 chemistry books? and databooks?

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    I'm looking for a good 101 chemistry book (still big in size) for university. The kind of all around book with all the useful formulas, and explanation for how they are used.

    Another type of book I'm looking for is a good datebook for chemistry, with all the table values such as ΔH ΔS (entropy) etc.

    Any suggestions? :)
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    CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 2.5k pages of pure data.
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    Lewis and Evans : Chemistry

    If the CRC book is to pricey then

    Aylward and Findlay : SI Chemical Data

    Nuffield Advanced Science Book of Data

    Kay and Laby : Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants
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    Hey, thank you for the reply. Does Lewis and Evans include advanced acid/base equations and advanced sulubility product examples or is it more superficial?
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