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Good book for single snd multivariable calculus needed

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    Hello!I am a student in class 10 at the moment and am eager to do 11 physics but a devilish problem exists......calculus!!Could any one of you suggest me which topics to complete in maths before approaching calculus.Also suggest a few good books to experience calculus.pls!!!
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    Limits, basic matrices, algebra... a standard precalculus course.
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    I dont recall ever having doing matrices or limits before starting calculus. I used Stewart's early transcendentals, there are very useful apppendixes at the end of the book and a pretest in the begining of the book that should let you know how ready you are (a pretest which i failed). I certainly agree with the algebra though. Also trig would help but I was able to get by without it, or I should say I taught myself just enough to get through calculus. The popular book for calculus appears to be Spivak's though. I've never read it.
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    Algebra and trigonometry, exhaust all aspects of these then calculus will be easy.
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    I teach Calculus and my students are often ill prepared.

    Most Calculus problems, especially integration, are more than half doing Algebra, or Trigonometry.

    You need to know
    1/ How to Complete the Square of a quadratic
    2/ How to do Polynomial Long Division
    3/ Trig Identities, at least the Pythagoreans
    4/ Trig manipulation
    5/ Algebraic manipulation
    6/ Polynomial rational function LCDs; adding polynomial fractions
    7/ Good facility with Exponentials and Logarithms; and knowing they are Inverse functions
    8/ Understanding of Inverse Trig Functions; Arccos x = theta

    Then you will learn how to use judgement and intuition in making decisions.

    But without the earlier Math you will be dead in the water even if you learn all the Calculus.

    Go to purplemath dot com for the non trig topics

    Cheers and good luck
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